Sage Road was a wide old ranch road that existed before Hollister Hills became an SVRA. For many years, Sage Road was maintained as a trail using a road grader. Recently, the SVRA decided to make the trail narrower and add more effective erosion control features. This resulted in less maintenance requirements and a more technical, fun riding experience. The original road was 12 feet wide and had been maintained by cutting into the trail and pushing the excess dirt off the downhill side. As a result a lot of soil accumulated beside the trail. Using excavators, this earth was moved back on the trail, effectively raising the trail and making it narrower. The project also removed culverts that were concentrating water flows and accelerating erosion. The culverts were replaced with hardened crossings made of rock. The new Sage Road is now 4 feet wide, making it a more interesting, challenging, and sustainable trail.

Safe Road Before Restoration Photo

Sage Road After Restoration Photo