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Grants Program – Quick Reference

To assist new and prospective Applicants/Grantees become more familiar with the Grants Program, the Grants Unit has put together a series of “quick reference” informational videos.  These videos are a great place to start if you are looking for some foundational information about the Grants Program:

Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (Program Overview)

Project Type Overview:

Operation and Maintenance – What is…Ground Operations

Operation and Maintenance – What is…Acquisition

Operation and Maintenance – What is…Development

Operation and Maintenance – What is…Planning

Restoration – What is…Restoration

Education and Safety – What is…Education and Safety

Law Enforcement – What is…Law Enforcement


Grants Program Workshop

View the Grants Program workshop resources to learn how to apply for a grant.

G22 Workshop Question Responses

G22 Day 1 Video

G22 Day 2 Video

G21 Day 1 Video

G21 Day 2 Video

Online Grant Application (OLGA) Support Videos

These videos are designed to assist you when applying for the Grants Program within the Online Grant Application (OLGA).

Finding OLGA 

Register Your Agency (New agencies only)

Create User Profile

Project Director Requests

Create an application

        Assign Users to Projects

Enter Grant Application

Project Specific Application 

Application Submission


To apply for the Grants and RTP Program, please visit the Apply for Grants page for more information.


Grants Program Tools

GCA Program Match Calulator