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On-Line Grants Application (OLGA)

Welcome to the On-Line Grants Application (OLGA) powered by EGrAMS. OLGA is a web-based, end-to-end solution supporting the entire grant life cycle process. OLGA offers a streamlined solution to the OHMVR Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program. OLGA the supports configuration of the grant application package, online grant application entry, application review, and submission of periodic progress reports.

To apply for a grant, log on to the On-Line Grants Application (OLGA).

If you have any technical difficulties accessing the Application, please contact the OHMVR Division at Please include your full name and telephone number (with area code).

OLGA Instructions

If you would like to apply for a grant, follow the seven steps listed below.

Step 1: Register Your Agency
All agencies must be registered in OLGA to apply for a grant. If your agency is already registered, proceed to Step 2: Create a User Profile.
To register your agency, download the "Register Your Agency" form and follow the instructions on the document. For detailed instructions, view the "Register Your Agency" video.

Step 2: Create User Profile
OLGA requires users to create a user profile to access the various functionalities of OLGA. Each user must have a valid username and password to login.

Note: New users may login and start using OLGA only after they have been activated and assigned permission by the agency’s Project Director (see Step 5: Assign User(s) to Projects). If you are the agency’s Project Director, proceed to Step 3: Project Director Request.

To create a user profile in OLGA, download the "Create User Profile" written instructions or view the "Create User Profile" video.


Step 3: Project Director Request
A Project Director is a person from the grantee agency responsible for performing administrative functions in OLGA for their agency. A Project Director is responsible for the following tasks:
  1. Creating an application,
  2. Assigning users access to projects,
  3. Updating agency information,
  4. Submitting the application,
  5. Reviewing the draft contract, and
  6. Submitting periodic progress reports.
If you will be performing the responsibilities of a Project Director on behalf of your agency, select the "Project Director Request" option in the OLGA "Home" screen.

  • Project Directors must be activated by OHMVR Division staff and will be notified by email once activated.
  • A Project Director must be established for each grant cycle.

If you will not be performing the responsibilities of a Project Director, skip to Step 6: Enter Grant Application.

Detailed instructions to complete the "Project Director Request" may be accessed by clicking on the "Download the Project Director Request" link.

    Download the "Project Director Request"

Step 4: Create Application
Once a user has been activated as a Project Director by OHMVR Division staff, they may create an application. The Project Director must login to OLGA from the OLGA "Home" screen, then select "OLGA Menu" from the footer of the "Welcome screen." The "User Menu" screen will display, then select "Create Application."

Detailed instructions to complete the "Create Application" may be accessed by clicking on the "Download the Create Application" link.

    Download the "Create Application"

Step 5: Assign Users to Projects
OLGA allows your agency to have multiple users working on your application. It requires a user identified as a Project Director with an 'active' status to assign projects and permissions for other users.

Once the Project Director has created an application (See Step 4: Create Application), the Project Director may then give other agency users authorization to work on the application/project(s).

The Project Director must login to OLGA from the OLGA "Home" Screen, then select "OLGA Menu" in the footer of the "Welcome" screen. The "User Menu" will display, then select "Assign Users to Projects."

Detailed instructions to complete the "Assign Users to Projects" may be accessed by clicking on the "Download the Assign Users to Projects" link.

    Download the "Assign Users to Projects"

Step 6: Enter Grant Application
Once users have been assigned to projects, they may login to OLGA and select "OLGA Menu" at the footer of the "Welcome" screen.  In the "User Menu" screen, select "Enter Grant Application" to begin working on the project(s)/application. 

Detailed instructions to complete the "Enter Grant Application" may be accessed by clicking on the "Download the Enter Grant Application" link.

    Download the "Enter Grant Application"

Application Submittal Instructions

Once all applicable sections of the application have been completed and validated without error, the application may be submitted. Application submittal may only be executed by the Project Director.

Detailed instructions to submit both the preliminary and final application may be accessed by clicking on the “Download the Application Submittal Instructions” link.

Download the “Application Submittal Instructions”