OHMVR Commission Letter to the San Luis Obispo APCD

OHMVR Commission letter to the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board regarding Oceano Dunes Stipulated Order of Abatement [posted 9/3/2020]

OHMVR Commission Comment Letter on the Draft DRECP and EIR/EIS

OHMVR Commission comment letter on the draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and EIR/EIS, Docket No. 09-RENEW EO-01 [posted 2/26/15]

OHMVR Commission and Division CCMA PRMP and FEIS Protest Letters

Protest of the BLM Hollister Field Office, Clear Creek Management Area Proposed Resource Management Plan / Final Environmental Impact Statement

OHMVR Commission Protest Letter - May 6, 2013
OHMVR Division Protest Letter - May 6, 2013

OHMVR Commission Letter to East Bay Regional Park District