Report to the Legislature

Pursuant to Public Resources Code §5090.15(e), the Department of Parks and Recreation convened a stakeholder process to develop recommendations to create a more diverse Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission. The purpose of this report is to describe the comprehensive process undertaken to derive recommendations for the Governor and Legislature to modify Commission membership to better reflect California’s diversity as well as the diversity amongst those who utilize California’s off-highway vehicle recreation areas.

OHMVR Commission Program Reports

Pursuant to PRC Section 5090.24 (h), the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission is required to periodically report to the Governor and the Legislature on the status of off-highway motor vehicle recreation in California.  [1/2/14]

CalTrans Motor Vehicle Fuel Account Study

Senate Bill 853 requires the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation with the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the California Department of Motor Vehicles, to undertake a study to determine if an adjustment is required to the current method for calculating the amount of money transferred from the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund.

     Download the "Assessing the State Fuel Tax Paid on Gasoline Used for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV ) Recreation" report

OHMVR Program Information Bulletins

Carnegie SVRA Storm Water Management Plan

OHMVR Division Statewide Attendance Study

The OHMVR Division contracted with California State University Sacramento (CSUS) to provide a Statewide Attendance Study. The study looked at current attendance measuring methodologies as well as visitor usage information at the eight State Vehicular Recreation Areas (SVRA). CSUS was asked to look at the accuracy and efficiency of current methodologies, develop new approaches to attendance data collection, and collect visitor information through surveys. The study was completed in December of 2014. This final report contains information and recommendations that will be highly valuable for current and future SVRA management. [2/3/15]

Download the Attendance Study [PDF 12MB]

Preliminary Analysis of the Asbestos Exposures Associated with Motorcycle Riding and Hiking in the Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA)

California Geological Survey
Documents Prepared for Oceano Dunes SVRA

Oceano Dunes SVRA Economic Impact Analysis Report

The Economic Impact Analysis Report estimates the impact visitors to the Oceano Dunes SVRA generate in the local economy of San Luis Obispo. The Report was prepared for the purposes of management planning and decision making. [Updated 3/5/18]

Final Report 2016-2017 [PDF]

Oceano Dunes SVRA Storm Water Management Program

Oceano Dunes SVRA and Vicinity: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Investigation - Marine Contributions to Aerosol Particulates in a Coastal Environment

Oceano Dunes SVRA and Vicinity - Airborne Crystalline Silica - Determinations of No Exposure Risk

CDF Air Quality Monitoring Site - Spring 2017 Air Sampling

Oceano Dunes SVRA - November 2017 Air Sampling

Oceano Dunes SVRA and CDF Air Quality Montoring Site - March 8, 2018 Air Sampling

Oceano Dunes SVRA Dust Control Program


Soil Conservation Standard and Guidelines


Over Snow Program EIR

The OHMVR Division certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Over Snow Vehicle (OSV) Program and approved the OSV Program on December 17, 2010. The Notice of Determination was filed on December 20, 2010.

Through the OSV Program, the OHMVR Division works with its federal and county partners to ensure trailhead parking areas are plowed and safe for the public, trails are groomed and available, and restrooms and warming huts are cleaned and maintained. These facilities are available for both motorized and non-motorized recreation, including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing.

The OHMVR Division prepared the EIR with information developed in part through trailhead surveys, public meetings, discussions with the U.S. Forest Service and counties, and comments received on the Draft EIR. This EIR will ensure OSV Program funding for winter recreation can be made available through 2020 in conjunction with long-term monitoring, law enforcement, and resource management.

The EIR is available for review in hard copy at the OHMVR Division, 1725 23rd Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, California, 95816.  For further information please contact Talina Hagler, OSV Program EIR Project Manager at (916) 324-3765 or by email:  

Over Snow Vehicle Program EIR Documents:

BMP Manual