The term historic structures includes an array of buildings, structures, and objects from missions, forts and rock walls to entire town sites and settlements. These resources serve as physical connections to our past, reflecting the history and impact of California's diverse cultures.

Within the OHMVR Division there are two shining examples of historic buildings which have historical significance and preservation possibilities—the Vineyard School House at Hollister Hills SVRA and the Moon Room at Prairie City SVRA.

Vineyard School House PhotoThe Vineyard School House
(Hollister Hills SVRA)

The Vineyard School was built in 1891. Children not attending the county's private school, Bird Creek School, attended Vineyard (the county's public school). Howard Harris, the former owner of Harris Ranch (present-day Hollister Hills SVRA) attended Vineyard School. Harris' grandpa, Jesse Whitton, was one of the first homesteaders in the Hollister area. Howard Harris' contribution to San Benito County's development is deeply rooted in the Park's history.

Photo of Moonroom at Prairie City SVRA The Moon Room (Prairie City SVRA)
If you have visited Prairie City SVRA, you may have noticed an unusual doom-shaped, circular building—the Moon Room. The Moon Room was built during the 1960s space program to house the viewing and control rooms for the development of rocket engines used in space exploration and rocket technology.