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Carnegie SVRA Map

Weather Closures

Extreme weather conditions, like rain and flooding, may force temporary closures of all or part of the park. During periods of adverse weather it is best to call ahead in order to receive up-to-date information on riding conditions. If foul weather closures are in effect, a red warning light will be activated at the Ranger Station, and the sign at the entrance station will identify which facility is closed. Use caution and common sense when trails are wet.

Fire Roads & Trails

Established and maintained trails are located throughout the park and are marked according to their degree of difficulty. Because of the variety of terrain, the degree of difficulty on many trails can change dramatically over a short distance. A trail that appears easy at the outset may quickly turn into a trail that only the most expert rider should attempt! The trail rating system takes into account such factors as trail width, steepness and trail surface composition. The ratings are intended to make the area easier and safer to use, but more importantly, they are intended to encourage you to assess your own capabilities before riding on any particular trail. Remember, rain and other environmental factors can affect the degree of difficulty on these trails. Many trails in the park are "volunteer trails" created by riders driving off the main trails. These "volunteer trails" are usually unmarked as to their degree of difficulty. Since all trails are two-way, it is imperative that caution be used when negotiating blind curves and climbing hills. Drive to the right on roads and trails as often as possible.