The True Turkey Mobile!

State Parks employee receiving large container of Crisco oil from a park visitor who is giving a thumbsup. Kubota UTV in the back ground.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day with the tradition of deep frying a turkey? If so, you can recycle your used vegetable oil by dropping the container off at the Discovery Center on Ranger Station Road. Maintenance staff will pick up and properly handle the oil. They may even use it to power a retrofitted Kubota!

Other recyclables can be mixed with regular trash and deposited in Ocotillo Wells dumpsters. This trash is taken to a mixed-waste processing facility where equipment and workers separate paper, glass, plastic, metal and other recyclable items so you don't have to sort them.
Photo of Kubota UTV with large sign that says Think Green. Recycle your used vegetable oil. Ask me how. Vegetable oil powered. A large tank half full of vegetable oil says recycle your used vegetable or peanut oil here.
Image of a park visitor with an RV pouring used vegetable oil into a container in the back of a Kubota UTV with a sign that says Vegetable oil powered.