Clay Pit SVRA is home to a variety of bird species, including:
  • golden eagles,
  • red-tailed hawks,
  • kestrels,
  • western meadowlarks,
  • red-tailed hawks,
  • killdeers,
  • northern harriers,
  • Lewis and acorn woodpeckers,
  • prairie falcons
  • northern flickers
  • quail
  • wild turkeys, and
  • pheasants

Meadowlark Photo
Western Meadowlark

While enjoying OHV recreation at the Park, you may also see:
  • deer mice,
  • black-tailed jack rabbits,
  • western fence lizards,
  • western rattlesnakes,
  • deer, and
  • coyotes

Jack Rabbit Photo
Jack Rabbit

Northern Harrier Photo
Northern Harrier

Fence Lizard Photo
Western Fence Lizard

Red Tailed Hawk Photo
Red-Tailed Hawk

Killdeer Photo

Donald Metzner, Photographer