Why Vegetation is Protected

In certain places, particularly at the south end of the park, native plants are being planted by park staff and volunteers in an effort to rehabilitate and repair areas damaged from uncontrolled recreational use. This active revegetation program, in conjunction with the plover/tern nesting program puts Oceano Dunes SVRA at the forefront in resource management within the state's many OHV riding areas, a status of which OHVers can be proud. Dune vegetation is fragile and easily destroyed by vehicular traffic. Vegetation breaks the force of wind, thus, helps to keep the sand from blowing away. Vegetated areas are generally closed to vehicular traffic, but there are some exceptions. The Boy Scout Camp, for example, includes a corridor for OHV traffic. Closed areas are signed or fenced, but when in doubt, stay on well-established trails or courses. Don't blaze trails through vegetation.