Introduction Podcast
This podcast discusses how the Interpreter at Prairie City SVRA got involved with State Parks and what steps to take if you want to work at a California State Park. The podcast also discusses how the park educates visitors and meets the community’s needs through outreach and education.

Prairie City SVRA Information Podcast
The Sector Superintendent discusses what programs and facilities are offered at Prairie City SVRA. Hangtown is the largest event held at Prairie City SVRA.

AeroJet Podcast

The podcast discusses how the Aerojet community previously owned/used the land that is now Prairie City SVRA. During the Cold War the land was mainly used for testing rockets and burning fuels. Because of this, there are now issues when it comes to groundwater and danger zones in the community. It seems that Aerojet is working  towards fixing the issues and plan to continue the clean-up efforts for many years to come.

Birds Podcast
This podcast explains the different species of birds that are found at the park and how/where their nests are located. There are birds that nest in the ground ad in the grasslands that are checked on regularly by maintenance staff to ensure they are not being bothered or endangered. The birds and nests at the park indicate the ecological health of the land.

Mammals Podcast
It interesting and humorous that the humans were mentioned as the most dangerous mammal at the park along with domesticated dogs. The podcast also discusses the types of mammals found at the park.

Rehabilitation of the Land Podcast
This podcast discusses why and what has to be done in order to rehabilitate certain areas of the park due to soil loss, erosion, and water quality issues.

Snakes Podcast
The most dangerous snake at the park is the rattle snake. Visitors are asked to notify the staff if a rattle snake is seen. If you are bitten, go to the hospital, do not bite or try to suck out the venom because it does not work.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Podcast
Virtual reality allows all types of people to explore and experiment with the facilities around the park regardless of their skill level. It provides education though hands-on experiences. Also, it provides people with an opportunity to "visit" and experience the park without having to physically visit the park.

Internship Podcast
This podcast outlines the tasks the intern worked on and how well-rounded he felt afterwards. Internships also provide insight into the different opportunities and careers that are available.