The Alpine Watershed Group (AWG) supports the Alpine County Sheriff Department’s 2016/17 OHMVR grant application. AWG is nearly finished working under an OHMVR grant to provide ecological restoration to habitats damaged by out-of-bounds OHV use in sensitive, streamside areas of the East Fork Carson River in Alpine County. Funding provided to the Alpine County Sheriff’s Department would greatly benefit our OHMVR restoration projects. As stated in the grant application, the Alpine County Sheriff Department’s enhanced law enforcement efforts would not only help ensure the protection of this restoration work, but would also reduce future impact to the sensitive riparian habitats. AWG fully supports the Alpine County Sheriff’s Department grant application and its ability to encourage low impact and sustainable OHV use. AWG looks forward to working with the Sheriff’s Department to encourage enforcement and is interested in collaborating on education, including outreach to OHV clubs and local schools. Although it may be too late for this grant cycle, AWG encourages the Alpine County Sheriff’s Department to include the East Fork Carson hot springs as a priority enforcement area and apply for additional staff funding for enforcement at and along access to the hot springs. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and we encourage you to approve the Sheriff Department’s Application. Gavin Feiger, AWG - 4/3/17

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