Again this program is the continuation of an effort to sign BLM routes across this areas following adoption of the Bakerfield RMP-EIS. Although we do not agree with some of the route closure decisions by the BLM, these decisions have been made with public participation through the planning process and we understand that route signage and in some case restoration and obliteration of routes that cause resource damage are necessary. Signage alone if of limited effectiveness, but using this approach to establish monitoring will be helpful in identifying which routes are problem routes and setting priorities for route management. We look forward to a robust discussion of how routes in this area should be designated and managed. The Bakersfield district is one of the last large expanses of public lands in California that does not have a designted route system, and rea provides both tremendous opportunity and challenges. Bruce Whitcher - 3/31/17

We support this grant application. There is little if any LE presence across this very large area. Wee would suggest that the LE efforts be directed at higher use areas like Keyesville, or where private land owners have reported OHV trespass. It simply will not be possible to have effective patrols in all areas. An effective LE presence will help protects these areas from citizen complaints that might threaten future use. Bruce Whitcher - 3/31/17

The E Temblors and Keyesville areas provide tremendous opportunity and have very little staff presence and very little signage. In the E Temblors a considerable amount of progress has been made toward signing routes and developing a designated route system despite heavy storm damage the past two years. The grant request is very modest given the size of these areas and their potential. The E Temblor area has very few physical barriers and it is a challenge keeping riders on designated routes. Also legal access is limited and needs to be established. I've monitoried this area for the past 5-6 years and at this point use is manageable, but only if additional staff and signage are available. We have noticed an increased use of the area as riders have been displaced due to seasonal closures and closures of areas such as Clear Creek. BLM staff wold greatly benefit from more volunteer presence to assist with providing match, but the remote location and low population are challenges. Bruce Whitcher - 3/31/17

I support this grant application. Comment: Question 2 - Failure to fund will also adversely impact "soils" Question 3- According to project description this project will "Protect special-status species or cultural site Question 4- a measure of success is also "Incorporation of universally recognized Best Management Practices” Question 10- should change to "yes". Several unauthorized routes within the project area have been successfully restored using signage, and other restoration techniques. Signing and public education has proven to be an effective way of keeping users on legal routes. Question 11- Should change, some acres should show restored. Signage is an effect tool for passive restoration efforts. "Passive restoration is where minimal activities are undertaken and the riparian area is allowed to re-establish on its own." Jane Arteaga - 4/3/17

I support this grant application. Comments: Federal volunteer rate is $23.07 for 2017 Indirect Cost may be to high Question 7, Most should apply. Jane Arteaga - 4/3/17