Can we fix the streets first?? Jeff Goeman - 4/3/17

The addition of another OHV park in this area would be a great asset to the community. We frequent Prairie City OHV often. The set up isolating the 4x4 truck/jeep area from the atv/utv/motorcycle areas work great and safely provides riding areas for all types of off road vehicles. Please keep us informed of any updates and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to assist with anything we can. Regards, Rick Grove - 4/3/17

This county has dilapidated streets all over the county, our schools are below par, and we have o many other things we need to focus our efforts on. I would think a stupid OHV park would be the LOWEST thing on the totem pole. Jeff Goeman - 4/3/17