I do not support this grant request because it is composed of mostly salaries. Michael Damaso - 4/3/17

I encourage your support of the proposal submitted by FIELD to restore 500 acres of important natural habitat in the Big Morongo Canyon Area. The Coachella Valley Conservation Commission, the implementing agency for the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (CVMSHCP), owns land adjacent to BLM lands in Big Morongo Canyon, Little Morongo Canyon and we are in the process of acquiring lands at the mouth of Long Canyon adjacent to BLM lands. This area is rich in habitat for plant and animal species, recreational and cultural resources and scenic vistas. It involves lands part of the newly designated Sand to Snow National Monument and lands adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. Restoration efforts will improve management of the area and encourage sensitive use by recreationists. Illegal OHV use and dumping are significant problems that need to be addressed. The involvement of young people in this project is a highly favorable aspect of the proposal. I encourage support of this project. Katie Barrows Director of Environmental Resources Coachella Valley Conservation Commission Coachella Valley Association of Governments - 4/3/17