I would like to comment on the Imperial County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement grants requests on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. I am vice chair of the Imperial Sand Dunes Advisory Council and can attest to the fact that crime and bad behavior has gone down in the dunes in recent years. This is partly because of the good work done by the Imperial County Sheriff's department. I hear about heavy handed law enforcement in the dunes and elsewhere, but I never hear about it coming from the sheriff's dept. I would like to offer the sheriff's to attend our meetings at the BLM office in El Centro. There you would learn that attendance has been dropping in the dunes in recent years and visitation is near 700,00 for this season. Different from what you mention in your application. You say you are looking to purchase a sand rail. I would like to know where this will be stationed. Do you have a trailer or toy hauler to move it? How will the drivers be trained? I see in your safety and education application you are looking to buy a trailer to setup as a mobile education center. That sounds great! Would it be available for special events, like the poker run the San Diego Off-Road Coalition puts on? If so, we would like to have it at our event. (I am president of SDORC). These are good grants that should be funded as fully as possible. Ed Stovin - 3/30/17