I support the grant for the Mendocino National Forest. Sean Faherty - 3/9/17

I would like to commend and fully support the Grindstone Districts requested approach to attacking the backlog of OHV Trail Maintenance needing to be done. I support the use of USFS heavy equipment operators and USFS equipment operator swampers already available in the District to perform the necessary work. It is my belief that more work can be accomplished, at a significantly lower cost than contracting this work out to a Trails Unlimited crew. I fully support the "in-house" approach to Trail Maintenance on the Gridstone District and believe this is the most cost effective way to get the work done within the window of opportunity provided. The additional funding requested to rent a mid-sized excavator should be granted to allow GRD to use the right equipment to do the work, in the most efficient manner. Steve Freitas - 3/28/17

I would like to extend my support of the GRD request to fund the contracting of a part-time State Certified Water Systems Operator to manage and maintain the water system at the Stonyford OHV area. With the complex and specialized duties being contracted out to an "expert", the OHV community benefits from having the water systems fully functional and safe to drink at all times. Having waited for many years to get the water systems back to operational status again, it would be wise to have this critical system maintained by professionals. Steve Freitas - 3/28/17

BRC has reviewed the proposal and believes it is appropriate based on the size, scope, and import of the OHV program on the Mendocino National Forest. This unit is the largest destination Forest Service OHV area(s) in California. The camping/staging/green-sticker riding opportunity for casual use and permitted events is unmatched on Forest Service lands found elsewhere in the Western USA. Don Amador - 3/29/17