Prior to authorizing the Ground Operations Grant Request G16-02-15-G01 made by the Sequoia National Forest it is requested that the CA OHV Grant Staff request the SNF describe and revise their request as to how the KR Ranger District intends to use the trail maintenance funds on the Kern Plateau, specifically how it relates to the maintenance of the Monache Jeep Road, 34E38. This very popular Road is used by fisherman, hunters, campers, private property owners, cattle permitees as well as OHV motorcycles, ATV and side-by-sides for access to the South Fork of the Kern River and into the Inyo National Forest. Little if any SNF maintenance has occurred on this road over the past 2-3 years and has deteriorated significantly by the use and damaged caused by OHV vehicles. It is also requested that the SNF revise this Grant Application to include the construction of a vehicle barrier / gate at the South Sierra Wilderness Boundary of Road 20S05 similar to that installed at the Golden Trout Wilderness Boundary of Road 20S06. This is a point of entry into the Sequoia National Forest portion of the South Sierra Wilderness from the Inyo National Forest. As this is a mutual issue, it is suggested that half the cost of this barrier be mutually shared by the Inyo National Forest and that their Grant Request G16-02-05-G01 be revised accordingly. Construction of this barrier has previously been made by the INF LEO and in the Monache FPO’s 2015 Final Report. Dion Salfen - 4/1/17