31 March 2017 California State Parks OHMVR Division 1725 23rd St. Sacramento, CA 95916 Attn: Grants Manager Dear Sir: Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments to the OHMVR Division regarding the current grants cycle application and review process. I have been an active trail rider in California since 1968. I have lived in Mount Shasta, on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, for the past 44 years. I oppose the grant application by USFS - Shasta-Trinity National Forest (Operations and Maintenance, G16-02-16-G01 ). The request of approximately $150K for operations, maintenance and repairs is laughably out of scale with the insanely small OHV trail opportunities provided by the S-TNF. The Forest claims 4500 miles of roads and trails open to OHV, but in actuality it is predominately roads. I would guess that Maintenance Level 2 road make up the majority of this claim, and that actual trails are probably 1% of this mileage; without being worried about being accused of embellishing. The frustrating part is that all the pieces are in place for the Shasta-Trinity NF to have a world-class OHV program- but seemingly hindered by internal bureaucratic malaise. I want to support grant monies for organizations that can develop a working program and working relationships with the stake holders. The BLM's operation at Chappie-Shasta is a prime example of this, and stands in stark contrast to S-TNF's nebulous and undefined goals; and lack of real, on-the-ground results. [Come on, Shasta-Trinity NF... we're rooting for you- really! We live and ride here; and believe that the Forest can put together a great program in this great area with so much great opportunity. The terrain is there, funding can be available- just put together a small team with vision, and give them some free rein, keeping the money focused on OHV without any extraneous diversions. ...and there could be an OHV program that would draw users nation-wide!] Sincerely, Scott Linden - 4/3/17

Download comments. M Mitchell - 4/3/17