I support the application of the BLM- Barstow Field Office for funds to provide non-law enforcement park rangers, medical supplies, training and vehicle maintenance for education and search and rescue operations in Dumont Dunes. I believe education is the key to keeping people safe and out of non-OHV areas. The Dumont Dunes OHV is very popular and crowded during holiday weekends. Overcrowding in OHV areas results in more injuries and people wandering outside the OHV area to avoid crowds. Absent new OHV areas, the Dumont Dunes will continue to see more visitors and the need for these funds is real. Thank you for your consideration. Ruth Hidalgo - 3/27/17

The California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program (CASSP) fully supports this project. Educational efforts like this are essential for sustaining motorized recreation on public lands while protecting the resources that make public lands attractive and enjoyable. We commend the leadership of the BLM Barstow Field Office for engaging in this project. We embrace this partnership with the OHMVR Division "to ensure quality recreational opportunities remain available for future generations by providing for education, conservation, and enforcement efforts that balance OHV recreation impacts with programs that conserve and protect cultural and natural resources." Beth and Chris Padon, CASSP Coordinators - 4/3/17

This partnership is an excellent idea. Partnering with CASSP on the Tread Lightly Respect and Protect Campaign with regard to educating OHV users on responsible recreation in areas with heritage resources is a great pairing. CASSP already has training materials to assist the BLM Barstow office with this campaign and I am excited at the prospect of coordinating with BLM Barstow. Bringing awareness to OHV users on how to be responsible when encountering a heritage resource not only aids in the protection of those resources, but also ensures that OMV users are being safe when enjoying public lands. CASSP Coordinator, Karen Lacy - 4/3/17

My name is Brendan Hughes and I am the Lands Manager with the Mojave Desert Land Trust. Our organization fully supports BLM Barstow's restoration grant. However, we feel that protection and restoration of Wilderness Areas within the Barstow Field Office could be added to this grant. Wilderness Areas still need to be protected from threats, the primary one being from illegal OHV use. We ask that BLM Barstow include the evaluation of Wilderness boundaries and response to inventoried incursions in their grant. The Mojave Desert Land Trust has invested in Wilderness Areas within the Barstow Field Office by acquiring private inholdings. This includes the Kingston Range, Nopah Range, and Cady Mountains WSA. We urge BLM to help protect these investments by adding Wilderness restoration to this grant. Thank you for your consideration. Brendan Hughes - 3/30/17

I would like to comment on the Barstow BLM grant request on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. The ground operations grant is very large, but covers a lot of OHV opportunity and should be funded as fully as possible. I applaud the LE grant for going after spark arrestors, registration, DUI, noise, damage to resources and trespass. This is a big grant, but needed to cover so much OHV opportunity. The Barstow Dumont Safety grant is very worthwhile and should be funded as much as possible. Ed Stovin - 3/29/17

Download comments for Ground Operations application. Jeff Aardahl, Thomas B. Egan - 4/3/17

Download comments for Restoration application. Jeff Aardahl, Thomas B. Egan - 4/3/17