I support the application of the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Ofc for Ground Operations. The Jawbone Visitor center is a valuable resource to me. I use the bathroom regularly even when just traveling north. I have attended programs there. I have camped and rode with my family and know that trail maintenance is a constant battle. Trash collection on busy weekends has been inadequate in the past, but has improved. Absent these funds I see a serious set back in that regard. Less often I recreate in Spangler Hills OHV area, but I have heard of the issue of the asphalt and feel the removal project is important. Thank you for your consideration of my comments. Ruth Hidalgo - 3/27/17

Download comments for Ground Operations application. Jeff Aardahl, Thomas B. Egan - 4/3/17

Download comments for Restoration application. Jeff Aardahl, Thomas B. Egan - 4/3/17