I support the application of Desert Group Search and Rescue Volunteer, Inc.. In addition to being a highly trained search and rescue team, this group of volunteers provides education and promotes OHV safety. While we never anticipate the need for their services, it is great to know they are there when we do need them. I believe a drone program is a cutting edge approach to search and rescue and am confident OHV users will benefit from this program. I support use of OHV funds for this drone program as well as search and rescue operations. Thank you for considering my comments. Ruth Hidalgo - 3/27/17

I would like to comment on the Desert Group Search and Rescue Volunteer, Inc Education & Safety grant request on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. This is an important project that is worth funding as much as possible. The areas they patrol are heavily used and their mission is of great value. I see they intend to use drones to help with rescues. It seems to me that the value of a drone would be to put a camera on board and see the area from above. I didn't see any line items for cameras in the application. Is that what you have in mind? Hopefully GoPro will donate some to you. Good luck with your mission out there and I hope I never need you. Ed Stovin - 3/30/17