This proposal should be funded. The role of the Inyo County Sheriff's Department in safe (and legal) OHV recreation is vital. While the vast majority of OHV users obey the regulations and respect our public lands, there are those few that do not. A law enforcement presence is necessary even in the most remote OHV areas. Equipment wears out and must be replaced and upgraded, new officers need specialized OHV training and the infrastructure to support OHV law enforcement must be maintained. This request is a good use of our "green sticker" funds. John Shepherd - 3/22/17

As a resident of Inyo County and frequent avid user of public lands I support this application. I appreciate seeing the Sheriff's Dept out there in their quads from time to time, where they promote public safety and responsible recreation. The federal land agencies lack the capacity to adequately enforce the law on public lands without help from local law enforcement. Tom Boo - 3/27/17

This grant proposal should be approved and fully funded. It is general knowledge in our area that there are very few Law Enforcement officers patrolling our public lands. While the vast majority of OHV users obey the regulations and respect our public lands, there are those few that do not. The people that violate protective laws on our public lands need to know that Law Enforcement is out there and that they may be caught and prosecuted. ICSO patrols supplement the meager patrol efforts provided by the federal agencies. This is a good use of our "green sticker" funds. Patrick Woods - 3/28/17

It is very important that the Adventure Trails program succeed and law enforcement is a critical part of it. This grant will support that endeavor. I would like to encourage the Inyo Sheriffs Dept. to work with the local user groups, such as the Eastern Sierra 4x4 Club, to do outreach and be pro-active on violation issues. The communication can be a two way street and they can help each other. Mike Johnston - 3/28/17

Totally in favor of this grant for the Inyo County Sheriffs Department. They are tasked with patrolling a vast amount of land in order to help keep us safe. The equipment they currently have for this task is old, outdated and simply often not up to the task, in particular in much of our more remote areas. This often puts them at a disadvantage, whether they are trying to reach someone in need...or tracking the 'bad guys'. Marijuana cultivation is becoming more & more of an enforcement issue in our County. The Sheriffs Department currently teams with law enforcement from BLM, FS, Fish & Wildlife etc. to help with enforcement as well as safety. Newer & more reliable equipment is necessary in order for them to fulfill these important duties. Please approve this grant for the betterment of our citizens AND the Sheriffs Department. John McVicker - 3/30/17

BRC supports this grant. LE is an important part of OHV recreation in the 21st Century. Don Amador - 3/29/17