Having briefly reviewed the Grant Application re: Cleveland NF and OHV Use, I wish that more though had been put into the non-response in Item 14. Sustaining OHV Recreation. None of those items were checked or commented upon. What is FS/State doing to help keep offroading part of the land use and a worthwhile family activity (as is the case with my family, who are just getting into it)? Eric Carlson - 3/22/17

SO... $111,000 + for an area that has been routinely CLOSED for a majority of the operable days from early November until present day. Also, as far as the drivable roads North of Highway 74 (Ortega Hwy) on over to Beeks Place... If there is even a HINT of a light misting from a few wayward clouds OR even an coincidental appearance of a light breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean, they RUSH UP THE MOUNTAIN with great haste in efforts to SLAM SHUT EVERY GATE WITHIN THE SANTA ANA MTN RANGE in the Trabuco Ranger District. Not only that, there has been acts of (ahem... alleged) DISCRIMINATION AND CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS upon persons wishing to participate in their USFS Volunteer Program. I cannot support such an agency, regionally or otherwise, that partakes in such acts without making efforts to rectify their egregious, oppressive and burdensome actions against the law-abiding public. Drew A - 4/3/17

SO... Over $800,000 applied for within a so-called 'restoration grant' with a WHOPPING $750,000 being applied for to facilitate the acquisition of a "Heavy Equipment Operator". For a mountain range containing drivable roads which have been closed for a majority of the last two (2) years. A little rain, some wind... and the mountain is promptly SHUT DOWN barring all public access. That being said, I see this exhorbanent amount OVER THE TOP. This money would be better spent elsewhere upon public lands which employ personnel more receptive to volunteer interaction and public involvement. Drew A - 4/3/17