This is a biased organization that wishes to prevent or limit all OHV throughout the National Forest system to the point of banishment. I see no reason to spend OHV funds on such grant requests. OHV funds were intended to open and maintain OHV trail systems not prevent them. OHV fee are collected by the state from OHV sales not bicycle sales, hiking equipment sales, and the like. This organization unlike the organizations that promote responsible use of the forest do nothing to enhance the OHV experience in the National Forest. Joseph Harvey - 3/14/17

These restoration projects are largely a poor band aid in many cases. Closed areas need to be re-evaluated to first see if the public area should be re-opened to the public. Mitigation needs to be considered and also the possibility of moving the barricade to a better location. In many cases far too much money is spent to keep an area closed for no adequate reason. Mike Johnston - 3/28/17

Karen Schambach is anti OHV and has shown no desire to work with or have a civil discussion regarding responsible outdoor recreation with any outdoor user group. She has made it clear that if she had her way there wouldn't be any OHV use in California. Granting money to any group or org associated with her would be counter productive to all outdoor user groups. Dave Pisano - 3/30/17

I am thankful for the restoration work that the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation has been conducting. Maintaining and improving the ecological integrity of our forests is vital. They manage to do quite a lot with a little. However, I think they should consider adding mechanical ripping to there repertoire of restoration methods. This might mean asking for a slightly larger grant allotment in order to budget for hiring a contractor or machine to complete ripping at sites with compacted soils. Nancy Argo - 4/3/17

I do not support this grant request as most of the money is going for.salaries. Michael Damaso - 4/3/17