There needs to be more OHV enforcement in Madera County. All to often I have encountered ATV riders going off trail, not wearing helmets and more than on rider on the ATV. In One case I saw one adult with 2 small children on one atv and none wearing a helment. If I had the power, I would have cited him on the spot I have seen people riding in meadows and up and down the hill sides just to see how high they can climb from the road. I used to be a volunteer for the USFS avt program and maintain trails, and advise other tiders fof the rules for OHVs and atvs Kenneth G. Shurtliff - 3/18/17

I support the work and efforts of the Madera County Sheriff Department and there OHV program. They have done some great work in the County. Brian Hansen - 3/30/17

Madera Sheriffs can use every cent they can muster to assist in enforcing proper OHV use, as a long time OHV user I have observed the need for more patrol units to monitor users and this grant will help. Edward Mann - 3/30/17