I have concerns about this grant request, first and most important, how is it proven that OHV vehicles are doing the damage and incursions, a Plated, non OHV licensed vehicle could be making incursions into the park, In regards to the OHV Shooter situation mentioned in the grant, last time I rode a motorcycle, the thought of taking a rifle or firearm to go shoot was far from my mind. The grant request is demonizing OHV users to address what street legal vehicles are doing on the park edge, Shooters access in 4x4s and SUVs to shoot, that is not a OHV caused problem. Trash dumping is not the fault of OHV users, it the fault of the trash dumpers, a OHV user doesnt drive out to dump trash and then ride. A plated dual purpose motorcycle can access the noted problem areas in the grant request far easier than a OHV vehicle user hauling out a quad, unloading and riding into the Park. Robert Schell - 3/13/17

JTNP sorely needs restoration funding. The siege-like numbers of visitor's are having a deeply disruptive impact on the whole ecosystem. Tracy Bartlett - 3/14/17

I strongly support the granting of funds to facilitate Joshua Tree National Park research and repair the damages caused by illegal OHV use - particularly given the extraordinary recent increases in park visitation which the park's current staffing and infrastructure is working valiantly to keep up with, but which it was never designed or staffed to accommodate. Our national parks are our nations treasures and deserve protection from damage on every front. Parks staff are dedicated public servants who deserve all of the support they can get - particularly in the face of ever-diminishing funding provided by the US congress. Thank you. Rebecca Lowry - 3/31/17