I fully support the process to develop a OHV use area in the Western portion of Riverside County. It will decrease illegal OHV interface problems. Robert Schell - 3/13/17

I am writing in support of Grant request #95-6000930. It is my opinion that Riverside County has accurately described the community value for an OHV recreation site in the “Relation of Proposed Project” section of the grant. I personally have been an off-road rider for nearly four decades and I can attest to the substantial reduction or complete disappearance of legally allowable OHV riding areas in the County and throughout Southern California generally. In other words, the ‘market’ for an OHV site is very real. I would also like to comment on the “Evaluation Criteria” portion of the grant request. I work as the Public Affairs Manager for Kawasaki Motor Corp., U.S.A., in Foothill Ranch, CA. Over the past year I have been on an industry task force that was preparing a request for an OHV facility in Orange County. That project has been temporally suspended. However the task force personnel have continued to study and analyze the process of developing a community OHV facility. It is my intention to make available all the background and concepts our group has developed to the Riverside County Parks District should they proceed with their Feasibility Study. Our group has developed an actual spatial site layout that includes elements our industry experts believe would be highly family friendly as well as providing safe and responsible use of OHV motorcycles, ATVs and side by side recreational vehicles. We have also identified other compatible recreational activities for which such a site could be used without conflict, such as a BMX bicycle facility and even mountain bike racing. In short, I am supporting Riverside County’s grant and am prepared to participate with the background experiences gained from my above listed study for a comparable facility. Respectfully submitted, Russel Brenan - 3/29/17

I fully support this grant! Riverside County sorely needs a viable OHV facility and there has been a long history of missed opportunities. This is a good start please approve the grant so the OHV recreationists of Southern California can have a reasonably close legal OHV opportunity. Thank you, Paul Slavik - 3/29/17

Regarding grant request 95-6000930 I am writing to support approval of grant request 95-6000930 submitted by Riverside County Parks. I am a 36 year resident of western Riverside County. It is well established that in this three and a half decades, Riverside County has had dramatic population growth, driven primarily by suburban residential development. One of the byproducts of this growth has been a substantial reduction of access to open land where OHV use was allowed. Combine that with the large suburban residential growth and the ensuing demand for OHV access any the County ends up with conflicts between OHV users and other open land uses and owners. During these past 36 years I have been an OHV retail dealer as well as having worked in the corporate offices of two of the international OHV manufacturers whose U.S. headquarters are in Southern California. I feel that gives me a reasonably accurate sense of the OHV community here in Riverside County. The development of a controlled and supervised OHV recreation site in the County would be a major benefit to the 120,000+ OHV owners in the county. Such a site would also attract users from surrounding Counties especially if they had no designated legally allowable sites of their own. Another factor at play in Riverside County is the well-established legacy of leaders in the OHV community. There are several nationwide OHV companies in the County with lengthy histories in many areas of the OHV industries. For example there is a section of Corona known locally as the fastest square mile in the country due to its numerous small businesses that cater to the needs of OHV enthusiasts. There is at least one international importer of OHV vehicles based in the County as well as a dozen or more substantial OHV retail dealers. In other words, the OHV industry is woven into the business fabric of the county. Many of the enthusiasts who populate the management of these OHV companies have, over the years, demonstrated a commitment to safe and responsible use of their products. I firmly believe that when Riverside County is in a position to announce a firm commitment to an OHV recreation site, many of these long time industry leaders will join ranks to support and promote the development of the facility with their personal and professional participation. John Donaldson - 3/30/17

Access to appropriate, safe and legal riding areas for motorize recreation remains an essential need statewide. However, in this application, the county has done a great job of identify the disparity of supply and demand for OHV enthusiasts in Riverside. The fees collected by the state from OHV registrations should be spent to ensuring access to riding areas and trail systems by its citizens. I hope the OHV/MVR division will seriously consider funding the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District application to seek out a viable opportunity for motorized recreation within the County. Lisa S Spicer - 3/30/17

It is my opinion that Riverside County has accurately described the community value for an OHV recreation site in the “Relation of Proposed Project” section of the grant. I personally have been an off-road rider and I can attest to the substantial reduction or complete disappearance of legally allowable OHV riding areas in the County and throughout Southern California generally. In other words, the ‘market’ for an OHV site is very real. This would be a great asset to the county and community. Thank you, Ken Essex - 3/30/17

For the past nine years, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has provided material support to projects creating, protecting and improving access to land for responsible, sustainable and safe motorized and outdoor recreation. To date, our work has contributed more than $3 million in funding and equipment to nearly 300 projects across the country. It has come to our attention Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District is hard at work to identify and secure land to create an opportunity for the many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts in and around Riverside County. As Southern California residents struggle to find legal, safe riding opportunities within close proximity, in the spirit of access generation we wholeheartedly support this endeavor and encourage the State Parks OHV program to do the same. Once land has been secured and plans for a motorized riding area are prepared and approved, the County will be more than welcome to apply for funding from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative knowing they will receive our full consideration for a priority award. We look forward to that partnership and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our grant process. Sincerely, Lisa Spicer Grant Administration Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative - 3/31/17

Reviewing the application again I had a further comment: Question # 8, to my knowledge there is no significant OHV opportunity in Riverside Co. outside of trails on federal land. A public OHV Park with a variety of amenities, of sufficient size and operated by the County would be unique new OHV opportunity not currently provided by the land manager, in this case Riverside County Parks and Open Space and therefore qualify for a "yes" answer. Paul Slavik - 4/2/17

To whom it may concern, I believe that this is a necessary project since there are no public lands available for OHV recreation. The cost estimate seems reasonable. Rick Lavello - 4/3/17

I am writing in Support of a Grant Request # 95-600930. Riverside County. I have been working over 1 year on a Family Legal Off Road Park here in Orange County, which has been suspended,. We have put together a real Professional Group to make the Off Road Park happen Motor Cycle Industry Council (MIC), Honda, Yamaha. Suzuki Kawasaki, Landscape Architect, and Public Relation Company. I was a Honda, Yamaha Dealer here in Costa Mesa for 20 years Also I have Top Credentials to race Motocross.,AMA, and FIM Licenses. There is a need for a Legal Family Off Road Park. I feel that we can put together a state of art, family off road park working with Riverside County Parks. My vision is that the facility would include training schooling and open riding along with adequate area for picnicking and camping. If you need any info or help, please contact me. Jim Berry - 4/3/17

I have reviewed this planning grant request and am please to offer my support, however I am curious why the question regarding creation of new OHV opportunity (#8) is answered as a no. To the best of my knowledge there is not any similar OHV opportunities within Riverside county other than some OHV trails on federal properties. A public OHV facility with a variety of opportunities and types of experiences, operated by the county in partnership with the state would be in fact be a welcome addition for the local OHV community. Nick Haris - 4/3/17

April 3, 2017 California State Parks OHMVR Division 1725 23rd Street Sacramento, CA 95816 Attention: Grants Manager Re: Riverside County Grant Request #95-6000930 To whom it may concern: My name is John Hinz and I am the President of KTM North America, Inc. and Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the (“KTM Group”). Our Corporate Headquarters are located at Murrieta, CA in Riverside County. We have approximately 140 employees at this location. KTM Group is the only distributor of OEM branded motorcycles in Riverside County. We have 5 dealers in Riverside County, 5 dealers in San Bernardino County, 5 dealers in Orange County, and 8 dealers in San Diego County. KTM Group believes that it will be beneficial to Riverside County and surrounding Counties to develop an OHMVR recreation site. The site will generate revenue for dealers, promote local business, and help support economic growth within the community. It will also provide a safe and supervised area for residents of Riverside County, surrounding Counties and visitors to enjoy. KTM Group fully supports the approval of Grant Request 95-6000930 submitted by Riverside County Parks. Sincerely, John Hinz President - 4/3/17