I want to provide my support for the important maintenance and upgrade of the trails outlined in this grant proposal. The proposal funds important improvements to the trail systems - bringing visitors to the county and improving the economy, provides jobs to county (improving the economy) and provides improvements that will minimize future maintenane (long term financial savings. I strongly support approval of this grant. Karen Siroky - 3/12/17

I am not sure why you need a grant to map trails that have already been mapped. You can download a kmz file of the trails in the High Lakes area at https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/lassen/passes-permits/?cid=fsm9_034480&width=full . The new 611 trail has been mapped by Friends of the High Lakes (FOTHL) and can be provided to Plumas County as a shapefile, kmz, etc. Item B: How could this grant help with emergency response? Although the High Lakes is in Plumas County, because the main access to the High Lakes is from Butte County, there is a MOU between Butte County and Plumas County so that Butte County will perform search and rescue operations in the High Lakes area. Why does Plumas need to send search and rescue when there is a MOU between Plumas and Butte County? Question 3: It is not clear how mapping trails that are already mapped will improve Camping, Hiking, Birding, Fishing, Rock Climbing or Hunting? Question 4: why is an equestrian club (High Mountain Riders) listed as a Stake Holder for an OHV Grant application? Question 5: do the stake holders realize that the trails are already mapped? FOTHL disapproves of this grant because 1. The trails are already mapped 2. Butte County search and rescue respond to the High Lakes Area and 3. OHV money could be better utilized elsewhere in the High Lakes area. Louis Johnson FOTHL Chairman - 4/3/17

BRC has reviewed your three grant proposals and supports them. Thanks for your ongoing efforts in support of managed OHV recreation in the county. Don Amador - 3/29/17