I support the grant for Cal4wheel. Sean Faherty - 3/9/17

I’m writing in support of The Cal4Wheel Conservation and Education Foundation (C4WCEF) receiving the funding through this G16 grant to fund the projects of safety and education with a focus on promoting responsible recreation and keeping the trails clean of trash and litter. The C4WCEF proposed project with OHMVR Division grant funding focuses on keeping the trails clean and uses the Tread Lightly! theme of “Pack it in, Pack it Out”. I support the reusable trash bag and their main focus to protect, promote, and provide for four-wheel drive motorized recreation opportunities. The CFWDA partners with my non-profit club, other clubs and organizations throughout the state covering a variety of 4x4 activities including recreational trail rides as well as safety clinics and snow patrols. Mike McGarity - 3/15/17

This has been a great program over the years and encourages conservation and educates to public land users to follow the example of cleaning up not only your own trash but to help pick up after other users that just don't get the message. Keep our public lands open and clean. Glenn Reynolds - 3/18/17

We need to keep public Lands clean. This is every ones responsibility. We educate and promote safety. Trails need to be free of debris and waste to keep public lands and trails open. This grant will provide needed trash bags to keep our lands clean. Bonnie Steele - 3/18/17

This is a wonderful program. Every 4x4 should have a trash container to help keep the public lands clean. It is amazing how many deflated metallic helium party balloons we find throughout the back country, everything that goes up must come down. 4x4s have room for a trash bag and travel slow enough that it is easy to jump out and grab the trash. Thank you! Mike Johnston - 3/28/17

This proposal should be funded. This will help raise awareness of "Tread Lightly" and assistant in keeping our recreational areas clean. John Shepherd - 3/28/17

I would like to comment on the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation grant request on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. This is a worthwhile grant to help keep OHV areas free of litter. The stated goals should be an example to all who travel off-road in California. Please fund this grant as much as possible and I hope I can get a reusable trash bag of my own from this. Ed Stovin - 3/29/17

I support this organization and the beneficial work the members do on behalf of all off road enthusiasts. Matt White - 4/3/17

The Merced Dirt Riders do support the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation grant request. Michael Damaso, President Merced Dirt Riders - 4/3/17

I support the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation grant request. Michael Damaso - 4/3/17