I support the evaluation and hopefully eventual development of OHV trail systems in the Granite Basin area. The prospects of having an improved trail system that serves the Butte and Plumas County region is very exciting and would ultimately reduce the travel distance and time for many OHV users in the region. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Kevin Sevier - 3/8/17

I am the current Chairman of the Butte County Board of Supervisors. At its meeting of March 14, 2017, the Butte County Board of Supervisors unanimously authorized me to draft this comment in support of this Butte County Department of Public Works application. The Butte County Board of Supervisors believes that the grant proposal to evaluate the Granite basin trail system for development of additional trails to create loop opportunities, protect natural resources and increased OHV opportunities is very needed for recreational use and the economic development potential of our region and its citizens. If you have any questions, please let me know. Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Butte County Board Supervisors. Bill Connelly, Chair Butte County Board of Supervisors - 3/16/17

The Paradise Ridge Riders motorcycle club (PRR) supports the Butte County Department of Public Works Development Grant Application, provided that a specific concern is addressed regarding trail design standards to be adopted for the project. Upon completion, the project will substantially enhance OHV recreation and accessibility to the Granite Basin area of Plumas National Forest (PNF), by adding approximately 15 miles of singletrack trails to the existing trail system. New trails will be designed, constructed, and maintained to as to maintain sustainability of the Granite Basin trail system. PRR strongly requests that singletrack trails be constructed to the Class 2, Single Lane Motorcycle Trail Design Parameters as included in FSH 2309.18 – Trails Management Handbook, consistent with characteristics of existing system motorcycle trails in the Granite Basin area. The existing singletrack network is composed primarily of narrow, minimally improved user constructed trails consistent with the above mentioned design parameters. These trails provide a quality, sometimes challenging wilderness-like riding experience, which enhances safety and reduces conflicts by keeping rider speeds low. The PRR membership believes that new singletrack trails should be planned, designed, and constructed in accordance with the Class 2- Design Parameters. A higher design standard could actually be expected to reduce safety by allowing higher speeds, as we have sometimes experienced in highly used motorcycle trails near Stonyford and other areas of Northern California. Additionally, the project will provide for Engineering assessment of 20 miles of ML3 roads for Mixed Use consideration. If implemented, this Mixed Use will greatly enhance connectivity of the existing OHV road and trail system, and thereby improve access to the PNF for all OHV users, not just motorcyclists. Vance Severin Government Liason Paradise Ridge Riders - 4/2/17