I support the Desert Tortoise Preserve! Kat Talley-Jones - 3/7/17

I am writing to support this grant as a way to offset some of the environmental damage done by off trail riding OHV enthusiasts. Restoration by the Desert Tortoise Preserve group will help the environment and the Desert Tortoise. Martin Thomas - 3/20/17

I am writng in support of this grant having seen t he large amount of damage done by some off road enthusiasts who do not realize their tracks will take decades if not centuries to heal and that the desert is a living and vital ecosystem and not a wasteland. Martin Thomas - 3/20/17

I support the application of the Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee for the Ransburg-Mojave Restoration Project. The proximity of the OHV area to the Desert Tortoise Preserve dictates OHV funds be available to protect the tortoise from OHV threat. The grant application states any fencing will be installed to provide adequate notice to OHV riders of the fencing so as to avoid harm to the riders. I support this, as we do not need riders getting hurt hitting a fence. I also believe additional signage will help eliminate OHV users crossing over into the tortoise habitat. Desert Tortoises are pretty special and I support this application to the OHV fund because the need for the fencing and signage arises solely from the ever increasing number of recreational users in the area. Thank you for your consideration of my comments. Ruth Hidalgo - 3/27/17