Two generations of 6 Simisons have used the Mt Hough and Clairmont trails for wheeling and biking for 40+ years. My family wants to encourage Plumas county to maintain the exsisting trails. The California OHV will help the county accomplish this goal with grant money. Please consider this economically challenged county for funding. Warren Simison - 3/8/17

OHV Recreation is a major element of the Plumas National Forest recreation program and contributes to the economic sustainability for Butte, Plumas, Sierra, Yuba and Lassen counties. Bute County supports responsible OHV recreation. The proposed restoration project would also protect historic resources from future damage by restricting access to unauthorized routes. Sincerely, Paul Hahn CAO Butte County - 3/30/17

OHV Recreation is a major element of the Plumas National Forest recreation program and contributes to the economic sustainability for Butte, Plumas, Sierra, Yuba and Lassen counties. Butte County is working closely with the Forest Service to develop a priority list of roads, staging areas, campgrounds, and trails of the OHV and OSV programs for updates and repairs. The proposed projects will help provide access to safe, well-managed OHV routes, facilities, and campgrounds. Butte County supports responsible OHV recreation and the Plumas National Forest application. Sincerely, Paul Hahn CAO Butte County - 3/30/17

La Porte snowmobile club members would greatly appreciate the help that this grant would give PNF. Our holding tank has failed, and this is a popular toilet. This warming hut is used almost everyday in the winter. It is the staging area for many of our events, including Special Olympics Snowfest, and our poker run. This area is also used by families coming up for the day to enjoy the snow. We would greatly appreciate your consideration of Plumas National Forest for this grant. Thank you, La Porte Snowmobile Club - 4/2/17

My name is Ted Lundberg. My family has been in LaPorte for many generations. We would really appreciate this grant to be able to help PNF work on these projects this upcoming summer. One big Project, that helps the town is the replacement of the facilities at the staging area warming hut. The tank is cracked, and is in dire need of a fix. This along with the other projects planned will help keep our forest activities going. Thank you for your time and consideration. Ted Lundberg - 4/2/17

The Paradise Ridge Riders motorcycle club (PRR) supports the Plumas National Forest (PNF) Ground Operations Grant Application. Upon completion, the project will increase sustainability and access to the PNF by providing much needed maintenance to roads used by OHV enthusiasts and many other forest visitors. Additionally, the project will provide for maintenance of singletrack trails used by PRR and many other motorcyclists. The PRR has historically maintained the trails included in the project, and welcomes the opportunity to partner with the PNF to enhance our continuing efforts. Vance Severin Government Liason Paradise Ridge Riders - 4/2/17

Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter in support of all maintenance projects in the Plumas National Forest, specifically the need to replace and fix the toilet in the La Porte Staging Area. La Porte is a place for my family of seven along with all of our friends, visit regularly. I would speculate that I use the staging area more than most, as I visit the area year round snowmobiling and enjoying the roads in my UTV. Two things need to improve in order to accommodate the public, the toilets desperately need repair and the parking lot needs to be expanded. The parking lot is generally overcrowded on the weekends during the winter. I have personally witnessed a child being struck by a car in the parking lot due to the vehicles and trailers crowding the parking lot (the child was not severely injured). Please consider improving the toilets and the small parking lot at the La Porte Staging Area. Thank you. Clint Johnson - 4/3/17

Why do we use California State - Green Sticker funds to create more new OHV(user)trails/routes on National Forest lands when there are 1000s of existing miles.  Also there are countless miles of trails/routes that are presently causing resource damage that should be repaired or effectively removed. Why use limited funds to create new trails/routes when we have existing ones that need attention, some damage is even considered egregious and adversely affecting habitat for federally listed endangered species.  We can't even afford to take appropriate care of the miles of legal trails/routes that the National Forests presently has, let alone the routes that have been created illegally or legally. I know what I am talking about since I work on a National Forest and have to deal with this situation time and time again. THANK YOU! for your time and consideration for my concern as a California tax payer and citizen of this planet. C Roberts - 3/8/17