I support this request with respect to the South Zone, specifically the Monache Meadow Patrol Activity with the following comments and reservations. Having a FPO in the Monache area these past two years has been very effective in controlling the OHV traffic especially those entering from the SNF. 1.) The South Zone hours in this Grant request are the same as those requested and approved in the 2014-2015 Grant. During 2015 the Monache FPO Patrolman was observed doing Restoration and Ground Ops activities which should not be part of this request. Requests for time spent by activity were not available from the INF. Law Enforcement activities should be clearly detailed. 2.) In INF Grant Request for Ground Ops (G15-02-09-G1) it is stated that the FPO activity is shared 50/50 with Law Enforcement. No mention of that sharing are included in this Request. 3.) The hourly rate for the South Zone FPO stated in this Request ($200.00/day) does not match the FPO rate stated in the "shared" Ground Ops Request ($150.00/day). If this is a shared activity, the rates should be the same. 4.) It is requested that the South Zone Monache patrol adhere to the days described in Item 3 of the Grant Request, specifically Thursday through Monday. Past Monache Patrol has been Wednesday through Sunday. Sunday being a travel day to return to RD Headquarters leaving the area uncovered on a high OHV usage day. Dion Salfen – 4/4/16