I strongly support this grant application because the funding will go directly towards maintaining and improving Motorcycle County Park in Santa Clara, the County's only OHV park. Facility enhancements will provide safe and clean user facilities such as trails/tracks, restrooms, picnic areas, parking and water. Behzad Mohebbi – 3/30/16

I somewhat support this grant application because it will provide funding that will enable enforcement of OHVMR laws by providing park rangers to patrol the park. The proposal says they will provide "staff, materials and equipment to enhance public safety, OHV related search and rescue, and training" BUT the budgeting/expenses section only seems to list 3,550 hrs @ $60.16/hr of Park Ranger time. While I can understand that Park Rangers will need to patrol the park frequently during the year, this budget does not include any provisions for materials and equipment. Also, the proposed project section seems to be cut off at the end: "our park rangers have authority" ... ? Behzad Mohebbi – 3/30/16

Education and safety always good for OHV recreation ! Chris Gallop – 4/2/16

I support this grant. Proper maintenance of an OHV area provides a habitat for indigenous flora and fauna better than most other human uses. Chris Gallop – 4/2/16

This taxpayer would like this grant funded because the County Motorcycle Park provides a local recreation and exercise opportunity as well as a unique outdoor experience. The trails are laid out in such a way to coexist with the flora and fauna. Species there, some endangered, are thriving. Gus Meyner – 4/4/16