BRC supports the LE grant considering the fact that the Samoa Dunes Recreation Area is only one of two legal beach/ocean-side OHV riding areas in California. It provides a very unique and highly valued OHV opportunity found in only one other site in the state. LE is a critical component to the successful management of the area. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

I do not believe that OHV money was intended for Law Enforcement. My monies should be going towards maintaining the OHV system of parks and creating new opportunities for the tax payers that provide the funding. The BLM is already receiving funding from users and Federal tax. While the items they list are good in the long run this precedent of using OHV funds just does not fit well with my ethical beliefs. Dennis Kobza – 3/27/16

The BlueRibbon Coalition has reviewed Grant G15-01-02-G01 and believes it is appropriate considering the Samoa Dunes OHV Area is one of only two legal beach/ocean-side OHV riding areas in California. Having toured the unit on several occasions in 2015, I can attest to the successful management prescriptions used to protect resources and provide high-quality beach-oriented OHV recreation to users from Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada. BRC also supports additional funding in the grant request to repair or replace kiosks and to armor road shoulders. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16