BRC support this development project that will grade, roller compact and gravel the OHV overflow parking area near the Fort Sage OHV Trailhead. This will provide better access for users with large OHV trailers. It will improve the existing Diamondback Trailhead by grading, roller compacting and graveling of two existing camping/parking pads. It will install a vault toilet facility next to the existing loading ramp and kiosk. The project will also continue to improve the existing Diamondback Trailhead entrance road. The grant request includes gravel, materials and supplies labor, picnic facilities and vehicle use to complete the project. BRC commends this unit for how it works with the local OHV community and other stakeholders. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

BRC supports this grant to help fund the highly successful trail program at the Fort Sage Off-Highway Vehicle Area. BRC commends this agency for how it manages this area in a holistic manner and works with diverse local interests in a collaborative manner. Great job! Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

The BRC supports this LE grant and commends the agency for how it uses all LE tools (education, outreach, and citations if needed) in a holistic manner. This approach creates public support for the agency and resource. BRC also commends the unit on how it frequently works with the surrounding BLM Rangers, Forest Service Law LE, and Lassen County Sheriff's department. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

BRC supports this planning grant that will allow BLM to complete the necessary NEPA/CEQA documentation which will include parcels for future acquisition, connector trails and the designation of the existing trail network, including the possible designation of hill climb areas and newly acquired trails for casual and competitive use. BRC believes this grant will greatly enhance trail functionality and the OHV experience for users of the area. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

I support the applications of the Eagle Lake Field Office’s for funding for ground operations, planning, and development projects at Fort sage OHV Park.??The Fort Sage OHV Park is a wonderful place for families to go and recreate. Whether it be on OHV’s, horseback, mountain bike, or just hiking, the geography and location offer a great deal. Regrettably, for many years, it was forgotten by the local field office. Past administrations appeared to do little to take this resource and develop it for beneficial use. In fact, I rarely spent time there as the trails were unmaintained and the facilities were dirty and declining. Recently, with a new field manager (Ken Collum) and a motivated recreation specialist (Marisa Williams) the changes at the park have been considerable. The trails are fun to ride once again having had the whoops groomed out, the restroom facilities are great, bike loading areas have been created, camping areas developed, to name just a few.

It is such a joy now to go to that OHV park that it has become my first choice for day rides. Im not alone either. In the past when I would go to Fort Sage OHV park, there was never any else there. Apparently they didn’t like the whoops either. Now, I see vehicles and riders there every weekend I go. Moreover, there are people riding their horses there as well. Never saw that before. That’s what happens when you put the right person in charge of a neat natural resource, give them a little funding and let them go.??Marisa did that, and she can do it again if you let her. Bob Burns – 3/31/16

I do not believe that OHV money was intended for Law Enforcement. My monies should be going towards maintaining the OHV system of parks and creating new opportunities for the tax payers that provide the funding. The BLM is a federally funded program that should not be reaching into the pockets of tax payers for misc. brochures, computer upgrades or whatever else they can put on paper to take funding from the OHV treasure chest. Dennis Kobza – 3/27/16

See attached letterScott Maas - 3/28/16