Public Review comments for: Program: Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program - 2015/16 Agency: Napa County Sheriff's Office Project: Law Enforcement Reference: G15-03-35-L01 Type: Preliminary Review. My family has owned property and a home on the southern end of Devils Head County Road in the Knoxville area for over 70 years. I am certainly aware of the positive effect that having an increased law enforcement presence has had on this remote area. Prior to the creation of the Napa County Sheriff's Department OHV TEAM, the Knoxville area and Devils Head County Road in particular, was subject to a much higher level of illegal OHV use. OHV's that were not street legal were commonly driven at a high rate of speed on Devils Head Road in a manner that endangered other vehicles and drivers. Although the majority of land in the Knoxville area is under Federal ownership and managed by the Ukiah Office of the Bureau of Land Management, the Napa County Sheriff's Department is the primary law enforcement agency in the Knoxville area. Maintaining a mobile law enforcement presence in this remote area of Northern Napa and Eastern Lake Counties is a critical issue and significantly aids in the safe and responsible operation of Off Highway Vehicles. The OHV Team has also developed an excellent working relationship with local residents, landowners and the McLaughlin Reserve. In addition to helping to control unsafe OHV use in the Knoxville area, the presence of Napa County Sheriff's patrols also discourages other illegal activity in this remote location including illegal firearms discharge, garbage dumping, trespassing onto private property, poaching, and marijuana farming. Realistically, the presence of uniformed Sheriff's Deputies makes the Knoxville area generally safer for everyone. With no land line telephones and only very limited cell phone service, the Napa County Sheriff's OHV Team plays a critical role when an emergency arises or law enforcement is needed. For the above reasons, I strongly support the 2015/2016 law enforcement grant application being submitted to the California Division of Off Highway Vehicles by the Napa County Sheriff's Department. Sincerely, Joseph J. Erasmy – 3/28/16

I do not believe that OHV money was intended for Law Enforcement. My monies should be going towards maintaining the OHV system of parks and creating new opportunities for the tax payers that provide the funding. Chris Gallop – 4/2/16