This grant request is asking for money to solve a local problem and should not be funded by our State OHV funds. Brad Seder – 3/21/16

I live adjacent to this corridor and use it for mountain biking and hiking. I can hear from my home any motorized use. OHV use is few and far between. I participate in volunteer trail work along this corridor and we have no trouble maintaining this corridor. Those complaining of OHV use represent less than 5% of the property owners and trails users along this corridor. Any resource damage claimed to be caused by OHV use is very little and does not justify the request for grant money, horses cause more damage than any other user group. Weather accounts for most of the need for trail work. Adequate signage is already established along this corridor. Train use is limited to 2 sections, one 8 miles in length and the other approx. 10 miles. The Trains are a nuisance due to the noise. Funds would be better utilized in OHV areas. Please do not grant this request for funding, thank you. Dave Pisano – 3/22/16

I have lived adjacent to the El Dorado Trail for 20 years. The increase in illegal motor-cycle use and the noise and safety issues created by this activity has increase significantly. Just this weekend I had several groups of riders on the trail behind my home, in the soft mud destroying the trail and destroying the quiet we all expect from a non-motorized trail. This grant will help to repair the extensive damage caused by this illegal use. The heavy and powerful motor-cycles leave miles of rutting, expanded wet areas and destroys existing drainage infrastructure. We have 25 miles of dirt trail here with miles of repair work needed. Mike Kenison – 3/22/16

El Dorado County's efforts on the Rubicon Trail are critical to the continued access to the trail as it is attacked by anti-OHV forces. I regularly use this trail for camping and Jeeping with friends and family. The loss of this trail would be a disaster. Funding for continued maintenance of the trail is important use of green sticker funds. Thank you, John Seymour – 3/27/16

I do not believe that OHV money was intended for Law Enforcement. My monies should be going towards maintaining the OHV system of parks and creating new opportunities for the tax payers that provide the funding. Chris Gallop – 4/2/16