The Southern California Mountains Foundation is on the right track with their "On The Right Trail" program. They have a proven history of developing and executing projects that help educate the public about safety and environmental issues in the area. Their three-pronged approach to strategically target populations will undoubtedly be effective in reducing abuse of our trails in the Big Bear Valley, and throughout the San Bernadino Mountains, by off-road vehicles. Respectfully, Diane Lynch CEO, Sustain Big Bear – 3/26/16

Education is the key to any successful operation. The OHV folks who wish to spend quality time pursuing their sport in the National Forests, and other public lands, appreciate the time staff and volunteers put in to ensure their experiences are first-rate. Who wants to ride into areas that are unsafe, where rules are not followed, where uneducated individuals are trashing the environment. When you know that the forested areas are being monitored by highly trained volunteers, whose #1 priority is to see that you have an enjoyable adventure, it doesn't get any better than that. But it takes the necessary resources to train the staff and volunteers to accomplish this mission. I go back to my original is the key to any successful operation. Without this education, open areas are going to become another neglected area where those who relish in the great outdoors will refuse to go and the uneducated will take over. Let's not let that happened. Let's provide the resources requested. David Johnstone – 3/29/16

Grant Name: SCMF Education and Safety Grant #: G15-04-02-S01 The San Bernardino National Forest fully supports this SCMF proposal to provide OHV educational outreach services in the manner and locations described. Public education is a strong component to current and future SBNF OHV opportunities. This effort will contribute to retention of current Forest-wide OHV opportunities and to consideration of new opportunities as they arise. Some of the work to be completed in this grant also benefits the Forest OHV system directly through improved information kiosks and coordination with USFS staff to resolve OHV issues. The OHV maps to be provided significantly improve public enjoyment of the OHV trail system and greatly assist in educating the users. The coordination, partnership and collaboration between SCMF OHV volunteer staff and their many partners and USFS OHV staff that will occur due to this grant will greatly contribute to the safety and management of the Forest-wide OHV trail network. Deveree Kopp – 4/4/16

Attachments to be sent from three (3) concerned patrons of our public lands. Lots of facts to mull over, agenda to scrutinize and adjustments to ponder! Like the big lady said in the movie, Total Recall", (get ready for a surprise... ) Last sentence contains theatrical effect and comprises its only intent - nothing more! Drew A. – 4/4/16

See attached comments. Drew A. – 4/4/16

See attached comments. Dan Simmerman - 4/4/16

See attached comments. James Haubner - 4/4/16