BRC supports the Carson Emigrant National Recreation Trail (CENRT) and Trail 16E26 Meadow Repairs Project that would implement corrective actions (trail maintenance and reconstruction) at specific meadow locations on the CENRT and Trail 16E26 to meet S&G #100 of the 2004 Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment. The project also includes repair of stream crossing on Long Valley Trail 17E28. BRC commends the agency for its continued efforts to do the mitigation measures required to reopen the high value “alpine-like” OHV routes that were temporarily closed due to litigation. Don Amador, BRC – 3/27/16

BRC supports this grant to help support ongoing efforts to maintain the many high quality OHV routes that exist on the Forest. BRC commends the Forest for installation of modern water quality-related trail structures such as rolling dips and half culverts. Don Amador, BRC – 3/27/16