I am against this request. It in no way enhances OHV activity. I am familiar with the area, and in my observation the trespass is from local illegal drug activities. OHV money should not be used to fix a local trouble spot that is not connected to widespread OHV activity. Brad Seder – 3/21/16

I am generally supportive of Mendocino's grant requests. The run a good OHV program and keep their trails in fairly good condition. However, most of this grant looks like it is for funding staff which is not OHV exclusively. I am sure the commission will give careful thought to what is proper use of our OHV funds. Brad Seder – 3/21/16

BRC supports this grant to help complete the necessary environmental documents and to conduct restoration activities on system road 17N78 to address erosion issues which is causing sediment to enter into Mill Creek. Restoration of problematic routes is an important part of helping preserve and protect the high quality OHV recreation program on the Forest. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

BRC has reviewed the grant and believes it is appropriate because the agency manages the largest destination Forest Service OHV area(s) in California. The camping/staging/green-sticker riding opportunity for casual use and permitted events is unmatched on Forest Service lands found elsewhere in the Western USA. BRC also commends the Forest for its excellent volunteer program. The Forest also conducts chainsaw classes as part of its effort to train a professional volunteer crew to engage users and help maintain its high quality trail system. Maintenance of the route system has added importance since some of the trail network that connects the Stonyford and Upper Lake OHV areas passes through the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

BRC supports the goal of this project to remove OHV traffic from the road system within the Wilderness and eliminate current erosion and rutting caused by OHV activities. The removal of 31 culverts should prevent failure of the culvert system and eliminate erosion on the road bed and sedimentation delivered to the watershed. BRC believes this project is important as it support the growing collaboration between the motorized and non-motorized communities to respect and support our respective values. Don Amador, BRC – 3/22/16

The Valley Climbers Motorcycle Club would like to take this opportunity to extend our complete support of the Mendocino National Forests proposed OHV Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program request for funding in the 2015/2016 application cycle. Specifically, the 2015/2016 Applications referenced in this letter are designated as: #G15-02-10-G01, #G15-02-10-R01 & #G15-02-10-R02. As avid users of the available OHV opportunities in the Forest, the Valley Climbers Motorcycle Club has been very satisfied with the management practices of the Mendocino National Forest in the previous years and we are looking forward to continued cooperation and expanding trail inventories in the future. The Mendocino National Forest has consistently provided a superior level of cooperation and sound resource management practices which benefit the OHV community. It is our opinion that the grant funding requests made by the Mendocino National Forest should be approved in full and that the funds will be well spent maintaining existing routes and facilities, developing new opportunities and protecting environmental resources within two of California’s best OHV opportunity areas, the Grindstone and Upper Lake Districts. Specifically, Valley Climbers MC supports the Mendocino National Forests grant requests in the following areas of concern: • G04 Ground Operations – Valley Climbers MC strongly supports the requested Grant Funding for this most essential segment of the Preliminary Grant Application. We cannot stress strongly enough the need to continue basic operation & maintenance on the existing trail systems and facilities. This segment of the Preliminary Grant Application is in addition to the use of volunteer organizations to assist with this vital activity, and we commend the Forest for embracing the concept of partnering with available user groups who stand ready to help protect and maintain the available OHV routes. • R01 17N78 Restoration - While most user groups have been traditionally suspect of the activities surrounding restoration projects applied for by other Grant Applicants, we have found that the Mendocino Forest has used good judgment in selecting projects which are indeed necessary, and will actually result in proper restoration of areas of environmental concern. The 17N78 Restoration project listed in the Mendocino’s 2015-2016 Grant Application is located in a known problem area of erosion concern. Restoration of this route segment will enhance environmental quality within the Forest and will prevent potential future sediment transfer into the Mill Creek watercourse. In closing, the Valley Climbers Motorcycle Club hopes the California State Parks OHMVR Division and OHMVR Commission scores the Mendocino National Forest’s 2015/2016 Preliminary Grant Application favorably and that full funding can be achieved. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. Very truly yours, VALLEY CLIMBERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB Steve Freitas Secretary / Enduro Coordinator – 3/22/16