My husband and I recently purchased the 36.7 acres on Lake Alpine that currently has the “Slick Rock Road” trail running through it. This road is extremely close to our cabin and the traffic and speed of the vehicles creates a noisy and dangerous environment for our family. Also, a major concern is the liability of a public used road running through private property. People who use this road for the extreme sport of Jeep crawling are taking risks, but these risks on our private road are very worrisome as they create liability. Unfortunately, our utilities travel under the road that is currently being used for the Slick Rock Road Trail, the damage by the heavy use of this trail put those utilities in jeopardy. Upon purchasing this property we had to do substantial costly repairs to the road to protect the services. We are so grateful to the forest service for recognizing the need for the road to be relocated onto public land. We look forward to working with the US Forest Service on the new and improved Slick Rock Road. Sincerely, John & Catherine Mundt - 3/14/016

It makes sense to allow the continued public usage of the area. The time frame given looks adequate as I believe their has been prior inquiry and alternative access already has been researched. Looks like a win ,win for new owners and those looking to continue to area. Tom Terry - 3/14/16

Our family uses this area and prefers that the road is on forest service ground. We do not like going through someone's private project. The area entering slick rock is dangerous with all of the fishing/boating activity. Thank you.  Fulkerson – 3/16/16

The closing of this trail would be devastating to the the off roading community, not only in the immediate area but the state at large. This is a beautiful trail with something for everyone. Keeping trails like this one open gives OHV users the ability to safely and legally participate their hobby. Please consider that most of us will shop at local businesses whether for food or fuel, and taking that trail away will also impact the local economy. Keep our trails open and Tread Lightly! Thank You Cody Brock – 3/17/16

My grandparents built a cabin in Lake Alpine in 1948. In 1992 my wife and I purchased a cabin on Bloods Ridge in Bear Valley. Since the 1950's I have frequently used Slick Rock Road either via vehicle or on foot. At first I was totally unaware that this was private property. Having learned that Slick Rock Road encroaches on privately owned property I have been thoroughly confused as to where the private property begins and ends. I totally support the rerouting of Slick Rock Road so that it eliminates any confusion of public versus private property. In my opinion the U.S. Forest Service is putting itself in a high risk liability situation of allowing vehicle, foot and bike traffic on private property, not to mention the public nuisance this creates for the property owners. Thank you, Walter David Hendley – 3/24/16

My husband and I are frequent visitors to Bear Valley and Lake Alpine. We love to hike the trails of Lake Alpine and have always been confused as to what is private and what is public property. We are in full support of the rerouting of Slick Rock Road and welcome more clarification and signage as to public and private ownership surrounding Slick Rock Road. Thank you, Carolyn Terry – 3/25/16

Last year, BRC toured both developed and dispersed OHV/OSV opportunities and commends the Forest for their commitment to managed OHV/OSV recreation. BRC also appreciates their efforts to post bilingual TMR signage to better inform the Hispanic community about protecting resources by staying on designated routes. Don Amador, BRC – 3/27/16

BRC supports this grant to reroute the Slick Rock Jeep Trail. The Slick Rock Jeep Trail is a major trail artery for the Calaveras Ranger District. It is one of four jeep trails on the Stanislaus National Forest (STF). About ¾ mile of the Slick Rock Jeep Trail goes through private land near Lake Alpine where a formal right-of-way authorizing public use has never been granted to the Forest Service (FS). The trail is used year round by 4x4ers and over snow vehicle (OSV) users. In 2015, the private parcel sold resulting in a change of ownership. The new land owners have asked the FS to reroute the Slick Rock JeepTrail off their private land to prevent soil erosion, unsafe conditions, trespass and vandalism. Funding is important this grant cycle because the land owner will restrict public use of the portion of the Slick Rock Jeep Trail that goes through their land in 2018. Don Amador, BRC – 3/27/16

We have owned a cabin in BV since 1970 and support the slick rock planning. Thanks, Karen Van Brunt – 3/29/16

See attached letterJohn Watts - 3/17/16

See attached letterKatherine Rakow - 3/15/16

To whom it may concern, My name is Jeremy Brown of Sacramento. I am an avid off roader. I have been enjoying our public lands for many years. I have assisted Joaquin Jeepers in opening as well as closing the Slick Rock trail. I am a member of 4x4 In Motion of Stanislaus county (Turlock/Modesto). I am also a member of Cal4 wheel. I am writing in the hopes that you will consider my opinion for the reroute of the Slick Rock trail. Currently it is open for licensed vehicles only. I believe now is a perfect time to consider opening it up to green sticker ohv as there are many of us that would like to enjoy this trail with our families in our ohvs. The physical environmental impact these smaller, lighter vehicles have on the trail is less than a registered vehicle. Thank you for time, Jeremy Brown – 4/4/16

To whom it may concern, Hello my name is Jared Swanson of Salida CA. I have been a member of the 4x4inMotion Jeep club from the Modesto/ Turlock area for about 5 years, as well as a member of Cal4Wheel. I support the re-route of the slick rock jeep trail. I have been a user of this trail since 2007. Over the years I have worked along side the Joaquin Jeepers to open and close the trail during the season. I would like to see this trail re-routed in a way that access and parking of tow vehicle and trailer be separate from the parking at Lake Alpine camping areas. During the summer months, Lake Alpine gets a great deal of visitors and I don't believe there logistically is enough room to accommodate us all. I would also like to see the trail reclassified to allow green sticker vehicles, such as side-by-sides,ROVs, atvs and motorcycles to travel on the route. Currently slick rock trail is only open to street license vehicles. I believe with the re-route of the trail no longer traveling on private property this could be accomplished. The physical environmental impact these smaller lighter vehicles have on the trail is minuscule. Please consider my thoughts when making planning decisions. Thank you, Jared the Jeeper – 4/4/16