I have used the snowmobile trails in this groups area many times over the years and they are the only local emergency response group in the lake basin. I do not reside or own property in this area but travel to this area to year round to enjoy the trail systems with my OHV equipment. I support the use of my green sticker funds for this purpose as the nearest paid response group is 20 miles away and the last 7 miles is not plowed during the winter preventing regular vehicle access. This area is heavily used all year round by all forms of OHV uses, snowmobiles on groomed trails during the winter, ATV, dirt bikes and 4 wheel drives during the summer for fun and then the same uses in the fall for people hunting. This group only has 1 fire station to serve many 100's of square miles of national forest and county lands for year round response that has many off road trails that this vehicle could be used for emergency response. Neil Nunn - 3/10/16

I feel with this UTV Bucks Lake Fire will be able to get injured people off the trails in a safer matter than they do now behind snowmobiles. You will be doing a great service by allowing them to purchase this UTV to save many lives. Paul Kleine - 3/14/16

I support this use of our green sticker money to purchase a UTV for Bucks Lake VFI. This group does a great job of responding to emergencies and calls for help in and around Bucks Lake. The need for a UTV is demonstrated by the over 120 miles of groomed trail in the winter and many more miles of dirt roads in the forest all summer. I have seen these fire department members in action and can say an injured person is much better off with this group responding. These responders are in the immediate area and can move quickly to get to the injured person. Also they work well with the other agencies that respond. Time is of the essence when someone is hurt. This UTV will make their response quicker, provide important medical equipment and personnel to get to the injured person, and in turn support us, the off highway riders in our enjoyment of the area. I hole heartedly support this grant request. D. Michael 3/16/16

I strongly encourage the 2015/2016 Grants and Cooperative Program to consider this very practical and visible investment of OHV funds in support of public safety. The Bucks Lake area offers more than 120 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and several hundred square miles National Forest with many off-highway trails. Over the years there has been a dramatic and welcome increase in the number of people enjoying the natural resources of the Bucks Lake Area. Despite improvements in the quality and safety of recreational equipment and training, there has been an unfortunate increase in those requiring medical aid and evacuation, often on OHV trails in remote and difficult-to-reach areas. Bucks Lake Fire volunteers are a dedicated, passionately safety conscientious, well-trained team of local residents. They are the only emergency medical responder in the area; however, they are not properly equipped to quickly respond to life saving emergencies in some of the more remote and difficult to access areas, especially during periods of inclement weather. Other partner emergency services such as the Plumas County Sheriffs Department, Plumas District Hospital ambulances, and Search and Rescue are typically dispatched out of Quincy, at least 30 minutes from the Bucks Lake Fire Station under the most ideal circumstances. Time is of the essence in reaching, accessing and administering emergency medical aid involving serious accidents or addressing medical emergencies and evacuations. In addition, I have personally seen an increase in medical emergencies associated with our growing population of aging but active outdoor enthusiasts. A Bucks Lake Fire UTV dedicated to emergency medical first responders would clearly help reduce the risks of serious injury and possibly death by closing the gap in those critical minutes between the onset of a medical emergency and evacuation. Thank you so much for your consideration of this grant request. Marc Coventry – 3/17/16

The assistance of the volunteer firefighters is a good resource for the safety of the OHV community. I endorse their application. However, some of the cost estimates seem exaggerated on the high side. $400 for pants is a bit high. $17,000 for a UTV is a high end model. I feel a middle line utility oriented 4x4 UTV would be more than adequate. A brand new Yamaha Viking UTV lists for $12,000. A new open bed utility trailer to carry the UTV can be purchased for less than $1000. Chris Methot – 3/20/16

I do not support this application. I belive Search and rescue operations should be supported by the state and local governments, not by the OHV fund. OHV funds should only be used for enhanced recreation opportunities. Brad Seder – 3/21/16

I strongly support this grant application because it will directly fund the purchase of safety equipment and medical supplies that are vital to emergency services. Behzad Mohebbi – 3/26/16

I strongly support this grant application because it will directly fund the purchase of safety equipment and medical supplies that are vital to emergency services. Marles Talli – 4/3/1

I strongly support this grant application because it will directly fund the purchase of safety equipment and medical supplies that are vital to emergency services. Gus Meyner – 4/4/16