I fully support the grant to fund the Butte County Sheriff to help patrol the High Lakes area. As a frequent visitor of the High Lakes area, I have seen the area go downhill over the years. I have been part of the Friends of the High Lakes, where the goal was to educate the users. Unfortunately, the education hasn't reached everyone, and the lack of respect for the area can easily be seen. It's a beautiful area, and a very unique one that we have here in our own backyard. I have felt for a very long time, that we really need to enforce the area. People now a days just don't get it. It would be beneficial to help protect the resources that we have, before it gets destroyed. I have also heard that people are too scared to even camp up there because of the yahoos that go up at night and party and drive drunk and shoot guns. Nobody wants that. It has become a place for people to get wild and reckless and it must stop before someone gets hurt. Thank you for applying for the grant, and thank you for taking the time to read my brief comment. Torey Feldhaus - 3/8/16

It is inappropriate to use OHV funding any part of Butte County Sheriffs operation. BCSO has never participated in any OHV event or supported OHV in Butte County. It is even more inappropriate to use state recreational money to fund law enforcement actions on private land such as Sierra Pacific Industries. Matt Colwell – 3/23/16

I do not believe that OHV money was intended for Law Enforcement. My monies should be going towards maintaining the OHV system of parks and creating new opportunities for the tax payers that provide the funding. Chris Gallop – 4/2/16