I fully support any educational outreach that Cal4Wheel performs. In addition to enforcement, education truly comes first. Without proper education, folks can claim they didn't know any better when enforcement must regulate on them. Education can always help in the long run. With more OHV vehicle's becoming more popular, yet more areas closing down to use them in, education is the most important thing we can help do. I would like to see 2 additional counties with extremely large OHV use added to the list, and those being Butte, and Plumas counties. Thank you. Torey Feldhaus - 3/8/16

I do not support his application. I believe OHV funds should be used for on the ground projects which will enhance the OHV experience. Brad Seder – 3/21/16

I am in favor of this grant. There are many OHMVR users that buy their first vehicle and have little or no knowledge of what damage can be done to themselves , their passenger, or the environment.. It is a responsible organizations like C4WDA that can best educate the OHMVR user . C4WDA members are out in the community, on the trails and in the sand duns. Educating the adult and younger users is two fold. The adult will pass his knowledge to the younger user and the younger user will carry the knowledge forward. Safety and Conservation thru local education. Glenn Reynolds – 3/23/16

I support this grant. It provides heakth and safety for OHV enthusists, exercise, an appreciation for the great outdoors. Additionally, proper maintenance of an OHV area provides a habitat for indigenous flora and fauna better than most other human uses. Gustave Meyner – 3/26/16

The CA4WDC has been instrumental in uniting the OHV community for many years. their education and safety programs have no doubt saved lives and prevented serious injuries from occurring. The Stewards of the Sierra National Forest would to recommend that the division fully fund this grant. Mike Wubbels – 4/1/16

The last few years there has been a significant uptick in the purchase of vehicles that can be used in OHMVR. This means there's a whole new group of OHMVR enthusiasts that need to be educated! Those buying "full" sized 4x4s; Side-bySides; ATVs; dirt bikes; etc. all need to know how to recreate in a safe and resource responsible way. Talking to a Government official can sometimes be intimidating to a new OHV user education by Association volunteers at an event or on the trail can be viewed as helpful not intimidating, as the grant request explains Cal4Wheel Conservation and Education Foundation and The California Four Wheel Drive Association have the ability to educate new users through programs that are in place but need resources to enhance the effectiveness . The grant would help expand these educational opportunities. Steve Egbert – 4/3/16