Clovis Independent is a great group that does great work! The OHV community undoubtedly benefits from the work accomplished by this group. Through both their dedicated leadership and membership I'm certain more than what was listed in this application will be accomplished. They provide a positive image and example for all OHV users to follow and their proposed project will be a very good use of Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund dollars! Cody Wheeler - 3/8/16

This is a well needed grant for a group that has a proven track record of hard work at their own expense. Please fund this project. Edward Mann – 3/16/16

I would like to voice my support for the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers club, and their ongoing efforts to maintain and improve trails and access to the forest, the work being done, is invaluable to the public, who enjoy these off-road trails for more than just off-roading, ie: hiking fishing , hunting. to name a few, These trails are a very important part as far as safety goes too, well marked , maintained trails can prevent serious accidents, prevent people from getting lost and are also a way to reach someone in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your time , Sincerely Ray McCoy – 3/16/16

The Clovis 4 wheel drive club is a group that is passionate about their sport and working to keep the forest trails available for off-roading. They are dedicated to maintaining the trails and working with the US Forest Service. I was pleased to hear they applied for a grant to help with these efforts. Margy Becker – 3/16/16

Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers have developed a great working relationship with the US Forest Service. They have assisted with trail maintenance for years. The grant program allows them to expand the scope of their work, reducing the burden on government agencies - which are unable to staff the necessary projects on their own. The work performed by the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers expands access to the public and helps keep the trail system open and the surrounding environment clean. I support this application. Marcus D. Magness – 3/16/16

I have lived in the mountains for most of my life. I am currently raising my family here. We do a lot of recreational things in our area we have been so blessed to live in. I constantly hear wonderful things about what Clovis Independent 4 wheel drive group does for not only the trails they use but for the things they do in the community. I have seen signs representing the club along the highway. I have also seen them involved at social events actively participating with community members. The group is very commpasionate to people and to the nature around them. I have seen the group along side the highway picking up trash to keep the highways clean as well as camp grounds and trails. I highly respect this group of wonderful compassionate people and would love to see them be able to do more for the communities they are in and for the mountains they love to play in. Kelley Barr – 3/16/16

I strongly support this grant application because CI4W's proposal is for direct maintenance of OHV road and trail maintenance. Behzad Mohebbi – 3/26/16

This is a great club that works in the community. They continually find ways to give back to others in the city. They have an adopt a highway agreement with cal-trans, they donate to the Valley children's hospital and also work with other 4 wheel drive clubs to support their needs. This is a great club and should be given the responsibility of working with the forest service and also grants program. Jeff Becker - 3/31/16

The Clovis Independents 4 Wheelers have been very instrumental in helping to develop and keep OHV access open in the Sierra National Forest (SNF). They have worked closely with the SNF and the Division to develop plans and strategies to expand and maintain public access to OHV opportunities on public lands. Without this groups help the road and trail system in the SNF would not look as it does today. I would like to highly recommend that the Division fully fund this project so they can continue the great work they have been doing to ensure public access to public lands. Mike Wubbels – 4/1/16

Clovis Independent is a great group of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy working hard to keep our local trails maintained. They have done some wonderful things and continue working to assist in local forest service anyway they can. Thank you for providing grants to people like this, so that work may continue, and we can all enjoy our beautiful State! Tamera Warner – 4/1/16

Dear Grant Committee: These comments are submitted on behalf of the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. (C4WDA) (previously the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. CA4WDC) and its membership. C4WDA represents clubs and individuals within the State of California that are part of the community of four-wheel drive enthusiasts. Many of our members and supporters live in and/or recreate in the area covered by the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers Grant Application # G14-04-83-G01. This document shall not supplant the rights of other C4WDA member clubs, contractors or individual members from submitting their own comments and the agency should consider and appropriately respond to all comments received to this proposed grant. While the main focus of CA4WDA is to protect, promote, and provide for motorized recreation opportunities on public and private lands, many of our members participate in multiple forms of recreation; including but not limited to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, bicycle riding, and gem and mineral collection. We recognize the positive health and social benefits that can be achieved through outdoor activities. We also recognize that motorized recreation provides the small business owners in the local communities a significant financial stimulus. And, our members are directly affected by management decisions concerning public land use. Our members subscribe to the concepts of: 1) public access to public lands for their children and grandchildren; 2) condition and safety of the environment; and 3) sharing our natural heritage. The general public desires access to public lands now and for future generations. This Project is focused entirely on improving the public's OHV recreational experience on the Sierra NF. Project funding will allow Clovis Independent 4 Wheels volunteers to maintain, support and enhance OHV routes and facilities. Adverse natural and cultural resource impacts will be prevented and minimized, provision for public health and safety will be enhanced, and the capacity of Clovis Independent 4 Wheels volunteers to undertake ground operations projects to provide tools, supplies, safety gear and equipment to support their volunteer efforts and increase their labor and work efficiency. The activities included in this project are necessary to sustain the long-term use of the Sierra NF by OHV enthusiasts. C4WDA supports the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers efforts to complete road and trail maintenance work to insure OHV trails and forest roads legal for OHV use are kept open to the public and to reduce potential adverse recourse conditions. C4WDA further supports the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers efforts to maintain and improve Forest Service system roads and trails that provide popular OHV riding opportunities and are critical for connecting OHV riding areas and trails. Many of these roads and trails provide access to and from developed campgrounds, dispersed camping areas, and recreational destination points. Their work activity will be focused on roads and trails that provide a variety of motorized uses including; motorcycles, atvs, utvs, 4WDs, and pickups. Trails provide varied levels of difficulty from easy, to difficult, to more difficult. This project will improve motorized access, water quality, signage, and enhance the overall OHV riding experience within the Sierra National Forest. For these reasons C4WDA would like to ask that this grant be funded to enhance the recreational experience in this popular area. C4WDA appreciates the opportunity to comment on this grant request made by the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers. C4WDA is eager to assist land managers and we hope these comments have been helpful in the importance of this grant to our members and member clubs. If addition information is required, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Egbert. Thank you, Steve Egbert President, California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. – 4/3/16

I strongly support this grant application because CI4W's proposal is for direct maintenance of OHV road and trail maintenance. Marles Talli – 4/3/16

The Clovis Independents are an organization that promotes responsible 4 wheeling. They believe in protecting our natural resources so that it is available for all to enjoy. They regularly care for and maintain public trails. The organization hosts fundraisers and donate to several charities. Angel Moreno – 4/3/16

This taxpayer ask you to support this grant application because CI4W's proposal is for direct maintenance of OHV road and trail maintenance. Gus Meyner – 4/3/16

Great to see a proposal where my tax dollars dollars will be properly utilized by a group that understands the needs of the OHV community and already volunteers several thousand man hours and their personal equipment, to maintain the trails in the Bald Mountain area. This grant will enhance and expand the good work Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers already does for the trail each year. Jim Hindman – 4/4/16

This is one of the best organized non-profit 4 wheel drive clubs I have ever been a part of ! Steve Neel – 4/4/16

Thank you for giving these clubs the opportunity to help fund the work that they do in our mountains. Clovis Independents are a great team! There have many family's with children in the group who are learning to give back to the community. Darren Warner – 4/4/16

I am a great supporter for the work this group puts into the Sierra National Forest. They dedicate many volunteer hours to our forest and I feel the application for funds should be granted. Thank you. Lisa Renelle – 4/4/16

As a member of Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers my husband and I have been able to take part in many activities outside of just 4x4ing. Thanks to Clovis Independent we have participated in many trail cleanup and maintenance activities along with community fundraisers and events. We feel very proud to be apart of this club and community. Brandy Perches – 4/4/16

Amazing group of people doing a great things! Great to see Grant money being used to help maintain our local Sierra's! Thank you Clovis Independents, keep up the good work! Thank for for giving people who love our mountains the opportunity to apply and receive these grants. Darren Warner – 4/4/16

Thank you Clovis Independents! Always looking for ways to help out! Great group of people, doing great things! Thanks to programs like this, we can accomplish much more than we could on our own! Tamera Warner – 4/4/16

Hi, I think this OHV Grant program is great. It allows enthusiasts to get involved in their community. I have been an OHV user for a long time and have an 8 year old daughter that loves going to the mountains and get way from all the electronics and hustle and busel of the everyday city live. What a great way to see these wonderful sights and help out with the USFS clearing trails and trees and graffiti. These Volunteers and Clubs should be commended for their work. After the 4 year drought and this beetle problem, I would imagine the Forrest is in need of some major repair, and and the USFS will most likely need all the help they can get... I visited the Big Hat Days in Clovis this last weekend, and Visited the booths of Cal 4WD association and the Clovis Independent 4WD clubs and can say they appear to be a solid group of guys looking to keep the trails open and have a lot of fun doing it for generations to come. Thank you for reading my review, Happy Trails. Rick Gregor – 4/4/16