A grant for the Antelope Valley sheriff's station for Off Highway Vehicle enforcement would be wonderful.  Dirt bikes look like so much fun and there is no problem with them if they stay in legal areas.  My anthropology teacher once said that it takes ten years for the earth to recover from one shovel of dirt turned over.  We can see the damage done throughout all of the Antelope Valley.  The noise and danger from starting fires should be limited to areas set aside for dirt bikes. It would be great if some of the illegal dumpers were caught too.  Thank you, Marie Callahan - 3/10/16

Over 1000 square miles of the Antelope Valley cannot be properly monitored by the present OHV team.  The team simply needs more personnel.  The tasks of fire prevention, preventing illegal dumping, finding lost hikers and campers, stopping dog fighting “ranches”, and many more are necessary.  Familiarity with the land area requires a dedicated team with enough people to do the 24/7/365 job properly. 

I have no experience with this type of work, but would love to see a work schedule that shows how the present contingent can properly monitor this large area.  Any takers? Laurence (Larry) Levin - 3/9/16