With the increase in OHV activity in the Ridgecrest area, this grant would assist the Ridgecrest Police Department to assist in quality of life issues regarding OHV incidents. I hope your staff will consider funding RPD's request! Thank-You! Michael Scott - 3/10/16

I live in the city of Ridgecrest and do a lot of off-roading. It is always reassuring to see Ridgecrest Police Officers on off road vehicles patrolling our desert and local off road races keeping them safe. In the past I've stopped and talked to the officers I've seen and they have always been very friendly and helpful. I look forward to continue seeing our wonderful Ridgecrest Police Officers in the desert keeping us safe. DCH - 3/11/16

The Ridgecrest police department is requesting OHV funds to recover costs associated with an annual Grand Prix event which is in violation of Ridgecrest Ordinance 4-5.102 that they are supposed to be enforcing. Below is Ordinance 4-5.102. 4-5.102. - Restrictions. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle of any kind whether registered or unregistered on private lands within the City by engaging in racing, exhibitions of speed, driving in repetitive patterns, including but not limited to driving back and forth and driving in circles and figure eights, six hundred sixty (660) feet or one (1) standard City block of any residential dwelling, structure or public place. Any registered or unregistered vehicle operating on private lands shall be operated in such a manner so as not to create excessive dust or noise and under no circumstances to exceed ten (10) miles per hour. (Ord. No. 89-20, § 5; Ord. No. 90-01, § 5) The Grand Prix the police department is requesting funds for is a race and is held within one city block or 660 feet of residential dwellings. I thought OHV grant funds were designated to educate the OHV community not enable them to break the law. J. Palermo - 3/11/16

I could not disagree more with the Ridgecrest Police Department's request for an this OHV grant. There are no OHV opportunities with the the city of Ridgecrest. The only annual OHV event held in Ridgecrest is in direct violation of Ridgecrest City's Municipal Code (RMC) 4-5.102. This is not a charity event and the entire route is fully accessible with vehicles the department already owns. OHV and state vehicle codes are not enforced within the city of Ridgecrest. Throughout their application they claim the purchase of an OHV would enable them to better enforce the law. The fact is they already own 4 wheel drive vehicles and OHVs (off-road motorcycles). Their application would have your believe the only vehicles they have are 2WD Crown Victorias which is just not true. The taxpayer money used for this grant is intended for agencies that actually have legal OHV users in their jurisdiction and this city and it's police department is not one of them. The areas where OHV use is permitted immediately outside the Ridgecrest city limits fall under the jurisdiction of the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office and the Kern County Sheriff's Office. Both the BLM and KCSO have law enforcement personnel operating out of their respective offices located within the city of Ridgecrest. Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments regarding this application. T. Breedlove - 3/14/16

I support this grant request. Ridgecrest PD does an excellent job in policing the City of Ridgecrest and educating potential OHV users in the proper use of their equipment not only promotes safety by also promotes the sport of OHV in its many forms. By educating the public on when and where to properly operate an OHV they lessen the negative impact on the community and no-OHV citizens. Bravo RPD. Donn Nay – 4/1/16

I've been visiting the Ridgecrest area for over 20 years. My main purpose for visiting is for camping and off-road use. I have seen several serious accidents in the area over the past 20 years that could have been avoided with a small amount of off-road inforcement. On a few occasion I have seen the Ridgecrest Police Department on patrol on OHV vehicles and it was a very positive and reassuring feeling to know they were there making sure everybody was safe. Vanessa – 4/4/16

Hello. I just wanted to show my support by saying that this grant would greatly support the Ridgecrest Police Department. The RPD continues to be a positive and is essential pillar in my home town and this grant would continue to help them provide this town with their good services. Bethany Lloyd – 4/4/16

The Ridgecrest Police Department has done an outstanding job in the past with working with the community. I believe this grant is good for the city and OHV riders. Moriah – 4/4/16

My family lives in Lancaster, but spends 6-8 weekends per year in the Ridgecrest area where we ride OHV suchs as motorcycles,, ATV's, etc... We are safe and responsible riders, but observe many other riders that are not. I am thankful for the local law enforcement, including the Ridgecrest Police Department, who are often call to assist downed riders, or resolve conflicts. I strongly support their grant and believe their efforts will help keep the area I visit so much safe and fun to ride in. Courtney Lynne – 4/4/16

I support RPCD getting this grant. They have an excellent track record of taking care of the Grant Prix ever year and helping friends of the View Finders. It is important to make sure the young kids are not riding wherever they want and ruining it for the other responsible riders of the valley. Boo – 4/4/16

I live in the city of Ridgecrest on the west side of town. I feel it is extremely important for our city to have OHV enforcement in and around our city. There has been an ongoing issue with off-road vehicles causing a lot of dust near residential neighborhoods. Not only is it a nuisance, it is also, in some cases a traffic hazard. In the past anytime myself or my neighbors have had any issues with OHV's in the area we would always call the Ridgecrest Police Department to handle the problem, which they always would without a delay. With out Ridgecrest P.D. having an OHV enforcement team, I feel there would be nothing keeping OHV's off our streets and in the desert. Sylvia – 4/4/16

I am writing this letter of support for the Ridgecrest Police Department request for OHV funding. I am thankful for the time and effort the RPD have put into their successful OHV enforcement team. I have noticed a large decrease in noise, dust and complaints from citizens in our community. Those people who don't support the RPD must not realize we live in a OHV community. Perhaps those complaining don't live in Ridgecrest, or been one of the violators cited and just want to complain. If you don't agree with the grant request or you obviously don't understand the needs of having OHV enforcement, call or set up a meeting with the Police Chief or the Sergeant in charge. Ridgecrest has many OHV opportunities for families as well as intermediate and professional riders who live and travel here. I would consider this a much better location for riding opportunities with many different levels of difficulty and much less congestion than most of the other areas. But as far as the type of education and enforcement that the RPD provide, we are fortunate to have. I have been out riding and had contact with the RPD Enforcement Team. They were professional and offered me maps, water and great conversation. The area I was contacted was by the college. They rode up on a 450 Honda and a Polaris Razor. They would have had a difficult time getting to me with a two wheel drive vehicle which I am sure all of the patrol officers use on a daily basis. They told me they have one for-wheel drive truck and a tactical vehicle. So I certainly see the need for OHV vehicles in their fleet. I noticed one of the complainers mentioned that the RPD grant request said something about the purchase of an OHV. Perhaps he should actually read the grant before he comments. I didn't see anything related to the purchase of an OHV in this grant. Got to be careful when you cut and paste from last years complaint. And just to be clear, I pay taxes too, so you can whine about your tax payer money for this grant. I have a right to express my appreciation for the OHMVR Division and the RPD, and concerns when I read false statements from citizens like yourselves. Mike Myers – 4/4/16

This grant is just what the cops of Ridgecrest needs to help enforce the laws regarding dirt bikes. I don't like to see the motorcycles racing up and down my street. Think of the children, give them the money!!! Josiah F. – 4/4/16