Yes! Send more LEO's in the forest. We need our areas to the public protected. It is not a free for all! Thank you! Torey Feldhaus - 3/8/16

Lassen N.F. has not proceeded in good faith to create a travel management program for Off Road Vehicles. They closed the majority of trails and instead offer their existing system of roads where OHV's have to contend with private and commercial vehicular traffic. This is hardly suitable or compatible with OHV's. Where is the public relations and education componenst of their OHV plan? Where is the long term development planning for a OHV trail system. Currently there is practically no suitable system of OHV trails. This was brought up as a goal during the Lassen National Forest Travel Management public meetings; but ALL trails were discarded in the Forest Supervisors final decision. Law enforcement is but one component of OHV management: but this should be one of several components in developing a true OHV program to manage. Please ask LNF to resubmit their grant request in a way that shows intent to truly manage OHV for the safety and enjoyment of forest OHCV patrons. Thanks John Fourcroy – 3/24/16